Leanne Nalani

{July 11, 2012}   The Beck Diet Solution

I’m going back and re-reading the Beck Diet Solution. It’s worth reading more than once to remind myself how far I’ve come, compare old notes to new ones, set new goals and get better at certain habits.

I read these books last year, both the regular book and the workbook simultaneously. It changed my life in a way I wasn’t expecting. The problem was that I’d tried eating healthy and exercising – And I’d been successful at losing all the weight! Unfortunately I kept gaining it back as quickly as I’d lost it.

If you’ve ever had trouble maintaining a weight loss, or just losing weight, this book is amazing. The great thing about it is that it isn’t a diet. It’s cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that are presented in small steps that you can take at your own pace. It works and this is the reason I have kept the weight off for these 6 months so far. 6 months may not sound like a long time, but for me it is! Not only that, but I feel in control and I can still eat foods I love and keep a strong handle on 110 pounds.

This time around I need to refocus on eating slowly and mindfully while sitting down. I grew up eating like a vacuum cleaner. I had friends who would try to compete with me to try to eat their food faster. Maybe I could be a professional eating competitor. Needless to say, I doubt I tasted much of the food because I was too busy inhaling it. It got better after reading Beck last year, but slowly the habit started to drop off again. Today I’m practicing this goal for all my meals. I will do this every day with reminders on my phone. Hopefully one day it will become more natural.

7 ways I aim to eat to satisfaction at every meal:

1. Put down my eating utensil frequently.

2. Drink in between bites.

3. Chew more times.

4. Don’t refill my eating utensil until I am done swallowing.

5. Savor the taste of each bite.

6. Sit while eating every bite.

7. Keep track of how long it is taking to eat the meal.

So far I’ve done this for breakfast and I felt a lot more satisfied than usual with my greek yogurt/apple/granola parfait. It tasted better and I felt fuller by the time I was done. Instead of eating it all in a few minutes, it probably took me closer to 15 minutes.

Other reasons why this is so important: I always stand up and eat a ton of food at social events. Instead, it’s time to take a small plate, put the dessert on it, go sit down, and eat it. While I’m sitting I can think about whether or not I want to get up, refill the plate, and go sit back down. I’ll bet in most cases I’ll make the better choice. When I’m standing in the kitchen with friends/family I tend to grab the snack foods over and over, stuffing my face while people talk to me.


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