Leanne Nalani

{July 13, 2012}   Life Happens

There was a car show last weekend and it was fun to see so many friends and family there. I was still trying to recover from my 3-pound gain from the 4th of July, so I was somewhat careful. In other words I didn’t binge. I had more sweets than anything, though – Cookies, brownie bites, mochi, and kettle corn. Yes, all of that an I don’t consider it a binge. I also had fried chicken which tasted amazing because it was home made and I haven’t eaten fried chicken in YEARS. It’s not because of my healthier eating habits, it’s just not something we normally see at social events around here. My saving grace what my choice not to eat chips. Once I get started, it never ends. I also acknowledge that I have a serious problem with sweets.

College classes started on Monday, so lots of stress there. Two 10-week online classes rolled into 5 weeks. Somehow I have to do the same amount of projects as usual. Well I guess that’s what summer break is for. After these two classes wrap up there will be two more starting a week later, so in between we will spend a week in Montana with some friends. I’m looking forward to going on a road trip to someplace new.

The other day I started dinking around on the piano. It’s been so long! I took lessons, participated in auditions and played at recitals for 12 years. After starting college and career stuff it just fell by the wayside. I’m so fortunate to have been given the original Baldwin that I grew up learning to play piano on. It’s a rush to go back to all the old classics I love so much.

Finally, I’ve been working on eating slowly and mindfully thanks to the Beck Diet Solution. Yesterday I grabbed some kettle corn off the kitchen counter and almost popped it in my mouth until I realized I was standing. So I sat, enjoyed a couple handfuls with my husband, and then suggested we put the bag away. These are things I need to practice daily and turn into a habit, otherwise that whole giant bag would have been gone in a matter of minutes.

Tomorrow I am going to “girl’s night” at my sister’s place. Goals:

  • Only sitting down.
  • Think about whether it’s worth it to get  up and get something else to eat, if I’m hungry, and if I actually want it.
  • Stick to a liquor drink with diet soda (Skinny Pirates are my favorite) rather than a higher calorie beer.
  • No chips.

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