Leanne Nalani

{August 6, 2012}   Water

For the last week I’ve cut Crystal Light out of my water. I was using the Energy version with caffeine, drinking at least two of those packets a day. Surprisingly, I was only a little more drowsy for a couple days and not once did I have any real desire to go back.

Now I’m drinking the straight up good stuff. It’s much fresher tasting when it’s not smothered in sugary caffeinated powder.

I must have had at least 120 oz. of water today because of the heat. Another 90 degree day with no AC. This week will be much cooler.

I don’t know how you’re surviving without the AC! At least it’s helping to increase your water intake, if nothing else, right? 🙂

Luckily it was only 2 days. We’re nice and cool now! Not many people in Western WA have AC because it’s pretty cold most of the year.

Got it! I live in NYC so you basically die in the summer city heat without it. I’m glad you survived! 🙂

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