Leanne Nalani

{August 8, 2012}   Strange Food Habits

Does anyone separate their M&M’s by color when they eat them? How about eating the broken pretzel pieces before the whole ones? Do you eat all the foods on your plate separately?

I have this weird habit in the morning when I’m making my oatmeal. There’s a tub of mixed dried berries that I toss in my oatmeal and, while the oatmeal is cooking, I’ll pick out the yellow berries. Call me discriminatory against yellow berries, but one of these things is not like the other, and they’re not red! So I eat them.

Must be that whole organizational side of me taking over.


m&m’s: I sort them by color then eat any extras so that each color has the same amount. Then I eat one of each color so that by the end I have one of each color.
I have more weird food things than you can shake a stick at! I eat sandwiches in a circle so that I end up eating all the crust first. My last bite is the center of the sandwich and in the shape of a square. Every time.
I could go on….

Yay, I’m not the only one! Ok, I admit I’ve never done the M&M thing, but that’s because I’m too busy stuffing them in my face. I’m sure there are other things I do, though. I definitely tend to eat food off my plate one by one and eat the broken pretzel pieces before the whole ones, and of course the yellow dried berries. I probably do other things without even realizing it.

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