Leanne Nalani

{September 4, 2012}   This is How I Feel

This is me today.


And a whole lot of this.


Hence this.


Ok no lime. And cheap diet cola, but whatever.

Today was my “easy” day. We have a block schedule and A days include my planning and field periods. It’s too bad I’m also working on my master’s degree and my pro-cert and mentoring a brand new special education teacher and trying to plan for my classes and juggling my IEP case load… There’s definitely something I’m forgetting. The no time part. Yeah, that’s it.

Wait… I’m supposed to manage my health, too?

I got home today and really didn’t want to exercise, so the compromise was to turn on Ellen and march in place until I achieved over 10,000 steps. Turns out that took longer than if I had simply done Zumba. At least I did something and got to laugh at Will Smith’s interview.

I gave my husband a big hug when he got home because we both needed that. He’s got way bigger issues on his plate but the point is that sometimes you just have to hug someone to retain your sanity. Then I poured myself a drink.

Cassy says:

Congrats on getting your 10000 steps in! Whoo!

Isn’t it crazy when you spend all summer focusing on your health, then suddenly everything is crazy busy and you have to re-balance so that your health and exercise doesn’t fall away? I’m in the same boat….

I’m thinking about giving myself a kind of “probation” period for two weeks, until school is in full swing and my summer master’s quarter is over. What I mean by that is if I’m feeling too overwhelmed to get in a real workout, I will just make sure I do my 10,000 steps while watching TV. In a couple weeks I’ll go back to normal. This balancing thing is harder this year than it was last year!

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