Leanne Nalani

{September 8, 2012}   BBQ #1 – Home Made Goodness & Live Music

Happy Saturday! It was blue skies and warm sun here in the “raindrop of the US”.

This morning I woke up at like 6:30am. What’s up with that?  Must be the new work schedule setting in.

I did a real workout today! Woohoo! I did 20 minutes of Zumba Flat Abs and 45 minutes of Zumba Sculpt. It felt amazing. My last real workout was this last Monday, so I’ve been feeling like a real slacker in the exercise department.

For the afternoon we were invited to a BBQ hosted by one of Mike’s biker buddies’ family. Wow, what a beautiful home and property. There really wasn’t any better day for a big BBQ. They had at least 40 people enjoying themselves, kids playing out in the yard, live music, and spectacular food. This family were professional hosts; they must do this frequently!

We didn’t know many people and sat at a table with a few we did know. The conversation was mostly about motorcycles because it is the common ground, so I tried to engage myself the best I could. We were in good company and it was nice talking to people and relaxing in the sun with some white wine.

One of my rules for today was not to drink. Well, when we get there the drinks offered were as follows: Home brewed beer, red or white wine, or lemonade. Since lemonade isn’t my thing, the white wine was highly appealing. I only had maybe 6 oz. so I think it’s ok.

The food! Oh, the food was impressive. They had all the choices – Burgers, hot dogs, wings… But best of all they had home made pulled pork and pulled chicken. You could throw on the spicy or Carolina style sauce. Say what?! Soooo good.

The live music was great, too. She’s a local artist named Camille Bloom. She was a high school teacher a long time ago and now she sings and tours internationally, does festivals, and works at some kind of rock/music camp from time to time. I can confidently say that she has no need for an auto tuner, unlike most artists these days. I might have to check her out on iTunes.


For dessert they laid out brownies and cookies & cream ice cream. I filled a plastic cup full of the ice cream and realized that was too much. Mike has a sweet tooth so he was happy to eat the other half.

Compared to last weekend’s party, I did much better with this one. I focused on enjoying myself more than anything and that is what helped a lot. Also, there were chips EVERYWHERE and I refrained from eating them! There were two big bowls of tortilla chips and Ruffles right in front of me with bean dip for hours and I didn’t touch any of it. Just a little bit of wine, one helping of dinner, and one small dessert.

Now for tomorrow’s BBQ and Monday’s birthday celebration! I’m looking forward to seeing old friends tomorrow.


Kari says:

Oh that sounds like a great BBQ! my mouth watered after seeing that pic of the chicken..holy moly! Glad you had fun 🙂

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