Leanne Nalani

{September 8, 2012}   BBQ #2 – Salmon & Old Friends

My body said it was time to sleep in this morning. 8:30am is an improvement from yesterday.

I did another workout! Strength training with Bob Harper’s Boot Camp for an hour. Once again feeling so incredibly healthy after a good session.

It’s time to readjust the exercise schedule so it fits my work schedule. I’m open to suggestions!

Overall general health (duh)
Maintain/slowly continue to build muscles all over
Maintain my weight

The new schedule could look like this:

  • Saturday – Zumba Flat Abs + Zumba Sculpt (Strength & Cardio), 70 minutes
  • Sunday – Boot Camp (Strength), 1 hour
  • Monday-Friday – Cardio of choice, try to get in 1 more strength training session, choose 2 days of rest depending on how I feel.

This new schedule would be much more flexible and support me on late meeting days and when I feel too drained from work. What do you think?

BBQ #2 was really nice. We visited some old friends we haven’t seen in two years. They recently bought a house and we went over for lunch/dinner (linner? *shrug*). Catching up over food and drinks, getting the home tour, and seeing the dogs was fun. They have a little terrier and then a great dane appropriately named Zeus that literally weighs about 6 pounds more than I do. He’s a beautiful dog, but I kind of feel like I could ride him as if he were a horse. :p

I can’t believe someone actually did this

The shrimp stuffed salmon was phenomenal, but once again I focused more on enjoying myself and the company of friends. It makes me realize how much I don’t really need all the bread and cheese spreads.

That brings me to a post I read the other day by theincredibleshrinkingwomen, about not wishing your life away. It made me think about how I’m often focused on the next thing that’s going to happen when I should be enjoying the moment; living for the now. That frame of thinking helped me this weekend to consider what I was doing rather than what I was eating.

On the way home Mike wanted Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to relieve his sore throat. I’m grateful that he brought it up long before arriving at the store so I could mull the temptation over in my head. And guess what? Believe it or not, I made the right choice. Even though I am well under my calories for the day, I chose not to indulge. Anyway, tomorrow there will be birthday cake for my husband’s 32nd.

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