Leanne Nalani

{September 12, 2012}   What’s New

Not much. The weekend was great and Monday was Mike’s birthday, which was a really nice evening. I came straight home from work and baked his requested lemon cake – From a box of course; I’m not that domestic. Since he likes white frosting I begged to have rainbow chip since we all know how much I love frosting. It turned out pretty much perfect!

We didn’t have enough candles so I got a little creative.

When Mike got home we hung out until the baked potatoes were ready and he grilled the filet mignon because he knows how and I didn’t want to screw it up.

We opened a bottle of red wine and had a romantic little candlelit dinner. 🙂

I didn’t sing happy birthday but took this photo:


As for the week so far, all I ate last night were 2 pieces of cake. But hey, I did my Bollywood Zumba and it was a work night!

Today we are having a couple of Mike’s coworkers over for a BBQ. Didn’t really work out, but cleaned and then got those pesky 10,000 steps in.

Is anyone out there annoyed with all the new TV shows starting all at once? Yeah, that’s normal, but geez. It’s at the point where I’m thinking I don’t really want to watch any of them because they all overlap and consume time that could be enjoyed in other ways.


I usually know when everything is starting and plan things out. I’m so lost this year! I need to sit down and figure out what shows I want to watch and when they’re on!

I used to plan out when shows were on so I wouldn’t miss them because I don’t have DVR, but I am starting to think I’m all TV’d out! All the reality shows that are on are the same old thing over and over. 😦 I am looking forward to Glee tonight, though!

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