Leanne Nalani

{October 23, 2012}   Out of a Funk

The funk has resided and I’m feeling much better. Some solid exercise, family time, and a newly instilled positive attitude has done wonders on my well-being.

On Monday morning while I was applying make-up, Mike suggested something to me about being positive because I had been complaining (over and over) about going to work on Monday. The simple comment about positivity changed my whole outlook on the day.

Going into the classroom I thought about how much I care about my students even when they’re being buttheads and that I had an excellent plan for the first 105 minute period. Things turned out pretty well. Even when two of my students got into yet another exciting altercation, I dealt with it the best I possibly could and took the stress in stride. But that’s just one example.

Today I subbed for our French teacher. She told me to pick out one of her Disney movies behind her desk, so the French 1 students got to watch The Lion King in French while I got to work on my master’s. haha I hate subbing for many reasons, so that made life easy.

Exercise is not lacking, either. Zumba Core on Monday left my obliques in some epic soreness the next day, and Bob Harper took care of arms and legs with Boot Camp.

Tomorrow is my mental health day and the plan is to not have a plan. Stay home all day and be lazy, watch Good Morning America and Kelly & Michael, get in a strong workout…


Great outlook on your day! Being sore is a good feeling….usually. 😉

glad your funk is over! I wish I could get out of my food/exercise funk, too.

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