Leanne Nalani

{November 4, 2012}   Hangover Sunday!

Happy Hangover Sunday! Except that I’m not hungover. Malia’s birthday party was last night and much drinking and fun was to be had. I haven’t been in the mood to drink lately so I ended up having a few of my sister’s specialty drinks at the beginning and then switched over to Rock Stars the rest of the night. I had a really fun time sober, too! I think my throat is a little raw from laughing.

Once again, Cards Against Humanity came out. It took probably 2 hours to get around the whole circle once, and that made it even more fun. Usually I am a perfectionist with keeping my stuff in excellent condition, but no one ever plays Cards Against Humanity sober so I think it’s amusing that the cards always get soaked in alcohol. I ended up setting them out to dry on the counter when I got home. lol

I think a lot of people might be hurting this morning and here I am, running on 6 hours of sleep feeling pretty shiny, catching up on Hulu and drinking coffee.

At the party there were some tasty home-made drinks. One of them was a light cranberry type of mixer. Since it was potluck style eating there was a variety of tasty goodies. A couple of us brought fruit while others brought things like fried chicken, pecan pie, chips, and cookies. I’d made some rules to help me not go all out – Drink only a few drinks, no chips, and only eat 1-2 servings of any one type of food. That worked out really well! In fact, I only ate one cookie and one red velvet muffin top. That doesn’t sound like me at all. On my normal weekends I would have eaten about 6 of each and a bunch of fried chicken. The rest of the time I picked at the berries and that was about it. There was even ice cream and the pie, and I didn’t eat any of it. Which is too bad because I have never tried pecan pie and I hear it’s pretty good. Fried food upsets my stomach so the chicken was easier to avoid with that in mind.

Ok, enough about that. Today is Sunday and that means it’s supposed to be a nice relaxing day, right? No plans, not going anywhere, just chilling with a blanket and some Zumba when I’m more awake. Hopefully everyone else is having a good weekend, too!


Sounds like fun!! Hope you enjoy your relaxing Sunday!

You made some great alternative choices last night !!! Yay!! I did a workout this morning and a short one after lunch. Hoping to get the dog walked before supper. Enjoy your day!

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