Leanne Nalani

{November 21, 2012}   Thanksgiving Goals

Whoa, it’s really Turkey Day tomorrow isn’t it? That is hard to believe. That means it’s almost CHRISTMAS, my favorite holiday. There’s nothing like spending time with family, giving and getting presents, drinking mimosas, and really good eats all day long.

So Thanksgiving! This year is our turn to spend time with Mike’s side of the family, so we will be going up to Seattle for a lovely dinner. Crazy me has already planned ahead by logging the foods I anticipate eating. If I play my cards just right, I will consume less than 2,000 calories all day and even get in 70 minutes of Zumba prior to the festivities. Once again, that’s IF.

The plan so far is this: Eat my oatmeal, dried fruit and greek yogurt for breakfast. Work out a couple hours later. Shower, get pretty. Have a light lunch. Go to Thanksgiving – Have a couple glasses of wine and no more than 1 serving of each dish. If there is a dish I don’t care much about, I won’t eat it. One slice of pumpkin pie. That’s it!

Does that sound attainable? It should be, but Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where you expect to eat your guts out. I feel pretty committed to this plan because my weight has been a little bit up since last week and no matter how much I exercise it has stayed exactly the same for the last few days. I had hoped to get it on the low side so I wouldn’t feel the need to think too hard about Thanksgiving food, but oh well.

Have a stellar Thanksgiving tomorrow!


It is a plan…you are thinking about success. i think it is great to even do that at all. My goal tonight was no starch…just veggies and a taste of something GOOD. i chose coconut cream pie….three bites. Ha ha. I feel good. One more feast tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

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