Leanne Nalani

{November 29, 2012}   Almost the Weekend? (And Confessions)

Happy Friday tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it. On Saturday we’re having a family dinner and Malia and I get to go through all our old childhood toys that have been stored away in our parents’ attic forever. Time to get rid of stuff. I wonder what condition our old Teddy Rukspin and Grubby are in?

I don’t like posting and admitting when I screw up, but I did. I have to post this because what’s the point in reporting all my successes without the failures? My confession is that, even though I did well on Thanksgiving in terms of what I ate, I did not do well at all on Friday-Sunday. I did the opposite of well. I took self-control and threw it straight out the window. All weekend was nothing but eating all kinds of junk, all the way to Monday morning. Seriously, it was really bad. Actually, I didn’t eat so well on Monday either, now that I think of it. Luckily I got back on track Tuesday, but the amount of junk consumed in those four days was ludicrous.

…Among other things. Back on track now. I promise. As you can probably tell, I have a problem with my sweet tooth. The next few weeks need to have goals. Serious goals. No ice cream for 2 weeks is a good place to start, since that’s almost becoming a regular thing.


It’s not easy. Glad to see you type about it. Stay strong.

Cassy says:

Why do you torment me with all these yummy junk food pictures? Don’t you know cookies n’ creme is my absolute favorite candy bar of ALL time? haha You can have a very awesome weekend!

Thanks! Cookies n’ Cream is my favorite, too. When I was a kid I used to buy them out of the vending machine on a near-daily basis.

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