Leanne Nalani

{December 18, 2012}   Victoria!

Over the weekend we celebrated my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday by going to Canada. Victoria is such a beautiful place, especially during the holidays. There were Christmas lights everywhere! Entire buildings were outlined at night.


The first thing we did upon arrival Friday was eat. I was about to pass out. Sometimes I think I’m hypoglycemic the way it just hits me like a ton of bricks. There is this place called Ferris’ Grill that has an amazing appetizer, poutine. French fries, gravy, meat, and cheese curds. Ours was pulled pork. To say it hit the spot would be an understatement.


It was fun to walk around downtown but very cold! As it turns out, I don’t own a warm jacket. Eventually I found one for a reasonable price, after seeing quite a few I loved and all of them turning out to be $300 no matter where I shopped. Welcome to Victoria.

We went to a fancy Italian restaurant which also had amazing food. Saturday we spent most of the day walking. There was a Christmas tree competition at the Empress hotel.



                       Give Blood!                                                                    Origami


                          …And Nightmare Before Christmas, my obvious winner favorite.

What a fun trip! After getting home we have been working for 2 more days and now it’s time for more vacation! I’ll update you later. Last night we had fun making a gingerbread house kit. Sugar much?



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