Leanne Nalani

{December 29, 2012}   Post Holiday Updates

School’s almost back in and I’m also back into the swing of old routines. It had been about two full weeks since I exercised, tracked, or paid any attention whatsoever to my health. It was more like having a great time whilst drinking and eating with wild abandon. I really did enjoy the hell out of going to Victoria and Vegas and got to try some really good food. Poutine is my favorite food highlight, but I also got to eat some things I haven’t had in a while like the BK Croissanwich, chili cheese fries, pizza, fast food (which I never eat) and all the fruity mixed cocktails. I also tried pate, and I never really knew what it was in the first place besides some kind of meat.

Back at home I started the week off right by doing strength training with Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones. I couldn’t get through it all, so I did half and then did some Zumba. The rest of the week has been Zumba and today is Bob Harper for more strength training. Luckily, even though I gained a substantial amount of weight from vacation, my metabolism is well trained enough that most of that weight has been zapped right off in these 4-5 days. I’m not saying that to make anyone angry, but the point I want to make is that regular exercise with some strength training makes a huge difference in being able to keep or take weight off after things like holidays.

I went into December with the full intent to be as healthy as possible. Well, all the temptations got the best of me, like I’m sure it did for many of us during the holidays. In the end it’s fine. No fretting, no worries. Just get straight back into routine and it was all completely worth it. I’m so happy I indulged during our vacations and on Christmas because I don’t feel deprived and I don’t feel guilty.


Anyone doing anything for New Year’s Eve? Mike and I both have colds and Mike has a terrible muscle problem that causes him severe pain around his leg/hip, so we’re staying in.



P.S. This game is freaking awesome and I can’t get enough of it:



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