Leanne Nalani

{January 5, 2013}   Siiiiiiick

My immune system SUCKS. Seriously. Doesn’t matter how healthy I am, I get colds 3-4 times a year and they always escalate to the point that I can’t function. This cold started over 2 weeks ago on our trip to the Grand Canyon. I was hoping it was just throat irritation from sitting on a bus for over 10 hours, or the Vegas casino air. It became a regular cold, which wasn’t a big deal. They say you can exercise if it’s a head cold as long as it’s not in your chest. When we got back from vacation I got straight down to strength training and Zumba to recoup my losses from lack of exercise and terrible fatty junk food diet. Well ok, maybe that’s why I got sick. I swear, can’t even get off track for a week (or two)…

Next thing you know, it’s in my chest. It’s been that way for a few days and just keeps getting worse! I wake up multiple times every night hacking and coughing. Work has been torture. Teaching teenagers all day is way too difficult when you’re sick. Ironically, we did a collaborative critical thinking activity yesterday where I had my students read a passage called “The Common Cold”.

The last time I exercised was Tuesday. You don’t know how hard this is for me. It’s almost like an addiction. I desperately want to feel strong and healthy, and that means working out. At least I’ve been eating well. Again ironically, my brand new Zumba Exhilarate package arrived on Thursday.


*sigh* I’m DYING to try this out. On Thursday I couldn’t help myself. I popped in the Step-By-Step DVD just to make sure I know how to do all the moves properly. That’s as far as it’s gone.

Sorry for my constant whining. One day I won’t be sick anymore… Right??

Does anyone have a Wi-Fi scale? We’re thinking about getting one but right now there are really only two available to choose from – Withings or Fitbit Aria. We both care most about accurate weight and body fat %.

504x_withings_wifi_scale aria

Neeta says:

Leanne – I hope you feel better soon! Being sick stinks… hope you are able to get plenty of rest and vitamin C.

Thanks! I might take the next day or two off in hopes that whatever this is goes away. It might be bronchitis.

Sorry to hear you’re sick!! My remedies are vitamin C, zinc tabs and my sick cocktail..which is apple cider vinegar (natural/unpasterized) mixed with local honey (50/50) ..spoon down the throat. Great expectrant. I hate being sick and missing out on workouts. Here’s hoping you’re back to it very soon!! Stay strong.

I’ve done zinc tabs before. I think this might not be a cold since it keeps getting worse, though. I recently tried honey with a little bit of pepper which was somewhat helpful but it didn’t last. Apple cider vinegar and honey – How does that taste?

If the ratio is correct, it is good. When sick, I keep it next to my side of the bed with a spoon handy. When my chest gets tight or my throat gets the tickles…it handles it quickly. Hope you’re better soon!

Last year, I was getting sick alllllll the time. In the fall semester of 2011, I just couldn’t catch a break! The spring semester was a little better, but not much. Now, I haven’t been sick since April. Jon keeps getting colds. I’ve been taking zinc- especially when Jon feels a cold coming on, and EmergencE if I feel a little bit of ickyness starting. I never used to like taking vitamins, but I definitely believe that it has kept me from getting sick!

Hope you’re feeling better! And good luck not getting sick all the time some day 😀

Ugh! Some much yuck going around right now. I would use a more politically correct word – but see no better description. Lysol!!

I like “yuck” better, anyway. 🙂

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