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{January 20, 2013}   Slave to the Scale

I was talking with Melissa (A New Melissa) yesterday about frequency of weighing in, and then I was forced to review my weigh-in habits this morning. I weigh in every single morning. This started when I read The Beck Diet Solution years ago. The book suggests weighing in once a week, but when you begin your maintenance plan it suggests weighing in every day (If I am remembering correctly). This became a habit. I got used to the little ups and downs, but I have to admit there have been times when I’ve become really disappointed from day to day if the scale didn’t go the way I wanted.

Yesterday morning I was up 2 pounds from the day before, after consuming the majority of a large calzone and a couple cheesy bread sticks  Calories for Friday were around 2,000. I spent yesterday eating mostly healthy with a calorie count of less than 1,200. I drank lots of water. This morning the scale went up almost another 2 pounds. 4 pounds in 2 days from one stupid calzone? First thing I did was get really upset and loudly declare, “I’m never ever ever eating pizza ever again! Ever!”

Angry Woman Throwing Scale

Mike suggested maybe I shouldn’t weigh in every day – Maybe I should weigh in once a week. Maybe he has a point. What do you think? I don’t believe I can keep myself from stepping on the scale 6 days a week. My goal this week will be to weigh in no more than 3 times. Gotta start somewhere.


I like your new blog look…! Weighing…I still do daily, but it’s dangerous…you have to know yourself…can you handle seeing the ups and downs? Some weeks are better than others…if my mood is poor, I will stay clear of the scale but not let a week go by without checking on things. Good luck!

Thanks about my blog’s design! The text is a little small, but I really liked the background.
At this point I am starting to realize (How did it take me this long? Denial?) that I can’t handle daily weigh-ins. This morning isn’t the first time I wanted to throw the scale out the window.

Lamar says:

When I am eating correctly and trying to lose weight I might do it daily in the morning but if I have one bad day of fast food or something I will wait a few days for my body to normalize.

Good call. Normally when I eat one big unhealthy meal, the next morning the scale goes up, and the day after that it goes even higher. My body normalizes around the third day, so that’s a great tip. Thanks!

I do the same thing when trying to lose weight! I feel the same way disappointed if I don’t go down or if I go up a pound! I keep thinking I should space it out more to make it less frustrating!

The one thing I’m glad about is that, when I get frustrated with the scale, it doesn’t defeat me. I get upset and discouraged, but at the same time it causes me to re-evaluate what I’m doing and make changes if I think it’s necessary.

That is the right attitude to have, I am trying my best to not let it do that to me..yesterday was a bad day for eating but I am determined to get on track today!

Ms. Work It says:

Mike’s totally right! I am absolutely an obsessive “weigher” and it’s totally unhealthy… 3 times a day cause I just worked out. Or had a shower (you never know how much dirt weighs!) Too much striving to see how low the scale might swing…

Ditch the scale. Leave it to once a week, or you’ll go crazy. Like me.

Besides, you can’t blame a calzone for a NEXT DAY weight gain of 4lbs. That sort of gain is temporary and by no means reflective of one meal.

lol You’re so right. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going to start with 3 days a week and if I still get emotional about it, I’ll try to bring it down to 1 or 2 days.

I do once a week or less even. Your weight fluctuates so much every day that it’ll only make you crazy. You’ll think you gained after eating something but it’s only water retention or the meal in your belly. lol

It better be water retention. It has to be if I’m allowing myself to be logical about it. lol That calzone was SO salty and cheesy, I think I could feel my arteries clogging with every bite.

hahaha. It is. It totally is. Don’t worry 😛

Neeta says:

Leanne – I still weigh everyday – and am pregnant now. My weight does fluctuate +/- 2 lbs a day, but since I can see the trend, I have not had major freak outs over daily fluctuations. It’s interesting now needing to gain weight after spending a long time trying to maintain. For me personally I’d rather do the averaging myself so if I have 6-7 readings over a week, that gives a more accurate average/trend than 3 measurements in a week. However, having said that, whatever works for you is what you should do… 🙂

Neeta says:

PS: the new background is really cute!

Thanks! 🙂 I’ll bet if I was pregnant I’d want to weigh in every day just to see what happens on the scale. I hadn’t thought about doing an average for the week. That’s a good idea!

taniatc says:

I think weighing yourself too often can be very deceptive and discouraging – our weight can fluctuate daily by as much as 2-3 kg! I normally do it once a month and rely more on how my clothes fits rather than numbers on the scale. I have recently dropped one clothes size but my weight went up 1 kg due to increased muscle mass – go figure 😀

I am currently working on strengthening my muscles moreso than usual. That could also play into some of my scale woes from last week. I do know this 4 pound weekend gain had to have been a bunch of salt.

Kim Fleck says:

I do HONESTLY think that hormones, and salt have a lot to do with the ups and downs. When I weighed less, and was receiving professional counseling, they said, once or twice a week, and not to worry about it, unless it was greater than 5 pounds.

Hormones could have something to do with it. I have a hunch that it’s mostly the salt. I guzzled a ton of water over the past 2 days, too. I’m going to weigh in today and then wait until Saturday.

Cassy says:

I weigh myself every day only because it keeps me focused. I don’t think of weight changes as permanent. But it will make me more conscientious of what I need to eat that day to balance out what I may have forgotten the day before (Why did the scale go up 3 pounds? Oh yeah. Ate a lot of salty stuff…). A healthy diet is all about balance and making sure you don’t go to one extreme to the other. So really, if the fluctuations drive you to the point of wanting to binge, give up on everything, etc, then you shouldn’t weigh yourself as frequently. =D

When the scale shows a number I’m not happy with, most of the time I’m over it in a minute or so and carry on with my day. It’s never caused me to give up or drive me to binge eat, but instead motivates me to eat well and exercise. My only problem is that I get emotionally upset about it from time to time, which is stressful. If I find a balance I should be ok. Sometimes I need to see a higher number in order to get that kick in the butt I need, while sometimes I need to see a lower weight in order to know if it’s ok to splurge on the weekend, know what I mean?

Melissa says:

Good luck with cutting down to 3 times a week. Maybe if you store the weight in a hard to reach place, you’ll feel less inclined to weigh yourself often. I should try that too.

I had a phone conversation this morning with a friend that is also trying to lose weight… she can’t believe I weigh myself daily. She’s trying to convert me to just once a week. Tuesday will be my 3rd official weigh-in, so after that, I’ll try to make my friend proud of me by not weighing myself until the week after. We’ll see… I can’t make any promises! lol

Also, I gained weight (I know cause I do daily weigh-ins… lol) this week from overeating… under 100 calories. I don’t get it??? Similar to your situation, can one freak’n calzone make you gain a few extra pounds? It seems silly. As an example, I checked on Livestrong to see how many calories I should eat to MAINTAIN my 235.4 lbs. figure… and they suggested that I should eat a little over 2,000 calories. I wouldn’t lose weight, but I wouldn’t gain any either. Well then, why is it that when I’m on a 1,221 calorie intake and end up overeating 100 calories or less, I gain weight??? Soooo frustrating.

Melissa says:

My mistake… it’s my fourth official weigh-in on Tuesday, not my third. 🙂

Weird how that stuff happens with these weight fluctuations. Sometimes when I’m feeling bloated, I end up weighing less! Just goes to show how unpredictable it can be at times. I think you should do what you honestly believe is right for you in regards to how often you weigh in. If you’re only doing it because it’s an obsessive habit, then maybe think about trying it less. But if it has helped you and you are comfortable with it, then I don’t think it hurts to weigh in every day. For me I’m doing less because I really think I am getting frustrated too easily, especially on work mornings.

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