Leanne Nalani

{January 21, 2013}   Support

Thank you all for your wisdom and support with my last post. I love hearing what everyone else does – It makes me feel like I’m not so weird or crazy for weighing in every day. So many great ideas and insight, too. I feel a lot better.  I’ve decided officially to do 3 weigh-ins a week to see if that helps. They won’t be certain specific days, but instead I’ll just choose if I want that day to be one of the 3 depending on how I’m feeling. Today is one of those days to weigh in, and then not again until Saturday. Today I was down about 3 of those 4 pounds – No big surprise, right?

Last night some friends came over and we drank and played card games. It was a good time! I was feeling kind of gross all day, though. Due to my recent little scale panic, I had been drinking a ton of water over the past 2 days. They say that’s good for washing out salt. As a result I think it somehow may have made me feel yucky from a little too much of it.

I bought 6 new Zumba songs on Xbox Live to add to the Kinect Zumba Rush game – 3 new Bollywood songs and a few fun new pop songs like “Sexy and I Know It”. Gotta love that Bollywood. I have a whole custom routine set up with all that type of music.

Today is a strength training focus, so Jackie Warner’s going to kick my booty. I’ve been watching a lot of her show, “Workout”, lately and it’s a decent half-watch. You know, when you half-watch the TV show while multi-tasking on something else like blogging or working or doing college assignments… :p


I’m impatiently waiting for my laptop to ship. Grrrr… We specified rush packaging and shipping and they’re open today, so they should get moving on that! I’m ready to play some Diablo III!


Lauren says:

Without giving away spoilers, she was a lot less likeable toward the end of that show, which is a real shame, because she is such a fitness inspiration!

I just realized today that I don’t have any more episodes available to watch on Netflix – It only goes up through season 4. Jackie is kind of crazy, though.

losing50laps says:

Zumba..I have always wanted to try it.

It’s awesome. I highly recommend trying it out! I think most people prefer the live sessions at the gym, but I’m perfectly happy doing it by myself at home.

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