Leanne Nalani

{February 1, 2013}   Missed Opportunities?

This week I took 3 days off. I struck it rich when my co-teacher texted me that my sub today was great. That is a rare thing to hear, so she’s going on my request list. I was just worried about being able to get a sub on a Friday. Seems like they are few and far between these days.

There was a staff celebration for an award our school won and I missed out on all kinds of yummy foods plus one of my favorite foods ever: Cake. I would have loved to have some of those goodies. Tonight I also had an opportunity to go to my sister-in-law’s for home made clam chowder but I turned it down in order to continue resting at home. Every time I get up and move around I quickly get fatigued.

I’m calling them missed opportunities because it’s making me think and reflect upon this book I’m reading called Health at Every Size.


I’m probably about 20% into it and am finding it to be a good read. There are things I will take away from it and things I won’t, but the take-aways are going to be valuable. The thing about this book is that its not a diet book and it’s more about harnessing your health and not bothering about weight or calorie restriction. Obviously I’m not going to stop bothering about my weight considering how far I’ve come, but some things I’m liking include learning how to be more of a person who doesn’t deny herself foods she enjoys and exercising as a means to feel good rather than a way to make up for a bad weekend.


Lamar says:

Hope you feel better soon!

Sorry your not feeling well, I have been off sick this week as well and I hate missing days!

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