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{February 23, 2013}   Fitbit!

We’ve finally pulled the trigger on our decision to buy more health-related hardware. Each of us got our own Fitbit One (pedometer) and a Fitbit Aria wifi scale. Since we’re into technology, it’s right up our alley. We were originally waiting for the new Withings wifi scale to be released, but after learning that my husband could get a Fitbit One for free from work, we did some research and chose to go in that direction. I bought myself a burgundy One, and the scale arrived along with it last night.

FitBitOne1 fitbit-aria-main



What’s so great about that? They sync up to the Fitbit website and track pretty much everything, even sleep!

There is an app for smartphones and you can connect MyFitnessPal to the Fitbit website, too. Everything is user-friendly and works together so well. I track my food and activity in MyFitnessPal, which transfers over automatically to Fitbit. Every time I step on the scale or wear the Fitbit One pedometer, all the information automatically goes to my Fitbit account so it’s all in one place.

Steps, calories burned, level of activity throughout the day, sleep patterns, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, food/activity logs… It’s all there. You can connect with friends if you want, too.

Fitbit 2

Yeah, it’s only been a day, but how cool is it to have everything connected? You can make goals and earn badges and connect with friends for motivation. The body fat percentage appears to be fairly accurate, too, which is very important for us. One of the nicest features is being able to create goals for things like weight and body fat percentage.


Moving on…

Last night we threw a little going away party for a friend who got a new job and is moving away. It was nice to have friends over for drinks and good times since it’s been a while. My sister brought her white German shepherd puppy so even Loki had a friend. We played poker and socialized. Two of our friends have new awesome careers in front of them so it’s something to be celebrated.

Note: We were also introduced to what the hell this “Harlem Shake” thing is. It’s soooooooo dumb. Seriously? Is that all viral videos have to offer these days? It was entertaining watching the first video but after that…


I want a Fitbit pedometer so bad! The scale looks cool too, but I want to start with the pedometer. Hopefully one of these days soon!

The pedometer is pretty cool. I like the fact that it’s very small so it’s easy to conceal. I used the sleep feature last night and it was fascinating to see how many times I woke up, how long it took me to fall asleep, and how long I slept.

Yes, I’m curious about the sleep feature as well!

losing50laps says:

Love my FitBit. Look me up for step challenges!!!

How do I look you up, and how do I find step challenges? I’m still pretty new to the Fitbit site and can’t really figure out the community section.

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