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{February 26, 2013}   Teachers Don’t Drive Ferraris

The title says it all. No it doesn’t, but here’s a funny conversation I stumbled across between some juniors, their teacher, and me today:

Student 1: “Have you seen Ms. C-R’s Ferrari?”

Teacher 1: “What?”

Student 1: “Yeah, I’ve seen her driving it.”

Me: “Yeah right. There’s no way she drives a Ferrari.”

Student 1: “For real!”

Teacher 1: “Really? What color is it?”

Student 2: “It’s black. She really does have a Ferrari!”

Student 1: “It’s got the horse on the front.”

Me: “Are you sure? Those things are like hundred of thousands of dollars. And even if she did have one, she wouldn’t be driving it to school and parking it here.”

Student 1: “Yeah. Her husband works at a BMW dealership.”

Student 2: “So it makes sense.”


OMG. Silly 17-year-olds. What’s even funnier: The car they thought was a Ferrari? It’s a Hyundai. Here’s a comparison:





Well, they’re both sporty and they’re both black… The teacher they were talking about got a kick out of that.

I saw some movies lately. Les Miserables was awesome. Anyone seen it? I saw the Broadway production back when I was 13 and fell in love with it even though I didn’t know anything about the French Revolution at the time. Seeing the movie brought back all the memories of how great the show is. The cast of the movie was excellent. I must say that I prefer Russell Crowe’s voice over Hugh Jackman’s. I also saw “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Life of Pi”. Both great movies. I’m glad I saw them before the Oscars on Sunday. I watched the first half-hour and the last hour or so. I don’t have the attention span to watch the whole thing.


So far I’ve had a really good week with exercise and health. Today I did a really tough strength workout with Bob Harper. I had to switch from MyNetDiary to MyFitnessPal on my phone to keep track of exercise and food. It’s the only free way to connect to Fitbit. Luckily MyFitnessPal is just as good and everything connects so well together. I love seeing all the data. Turns out I’m a really good sleeper, at least over the last 3 nights. I can’t ever seem to get in 10,000 steps a day, though. It’s so hard, even with an hour-long Zumba workout.

myfitnesspal                  App-Store-Fitbit-Activity-and-Calorie-Tracker 


Malia says:

Mrs. Clements had a porche lol

And Mr. Salewski had a red Miata. But both cars are affordable compared to a Ferrari. :p

It’s actually a pretty nice car. I’d be happy with that! 🙂

The Hyundai Tiburon? I totally agree with you there. It’s a sexy car at a sexy price for sure.

LOL I am teacher as well so I know what you are talking about..how do they come up with this stuff LOL Les Miserables was a great movie!

losing50laps says:

Omg. That is hilarious! Love it!

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