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{March 6, 2013}   Is It Really Worth It?

The other day a fellow teacher told me that she used me as an example to her friend, who made the comment, “Is it really worth it?”

She and her friend started dieting together last year. They were experiencing successes but they dropped off the wagon probably a month ago. Now they are starting again. My colleague told her friend about me and that I’ve maintained for over a year, as a way to convince her that it really is worth it. I guess she said something about how I’m tiny and always wearing cute clothes. haha It makes me feel really good that I can be a positive light for someone else’s journey.

Yes, it really is worth it!

BUT that doesn’t mean it fixes everything in your life. That much I can honestly vouch for. Still gotta work on me, my attitudes, emotions, and all that other crap that comes with being human.



Today is my best friend’s 30th birthday. Happy birthday Kat!!! She doesn’t read my blog, but there it is. We’ve grown distant over the years but I still see her occasionally. I’m hoping to take her out one of these weekends when she has the time off work. And she loves Eyore.



In other news, my classroom has mold problems. It has since before I started teaching there. I was told it was taken care of, but the other day a colleague came in and asked, “Do you have mold problems in here? I can smell it.” Since I have a terrible sense of smell, it makes sense that someone else would detect it. *sigh* Does that contribute to why I’m always getting sick?

At the staff meeting today there was an abundance of giant cookies – A popular restaurant down the road makes them and they sometimes make an appearance at our meetings. Instead of hiding from them, I confronted them. I stared them down, took in the smells. I’m trying to be good this week, with the exception of a couple Tagalongs for an evening treat. Some of the thoughts running through my head as I stared at all the boxes of cookies the size of my head:

“Hmm… Let’s look at the flavors… There’s chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal.”

“I could eat one and skip my evening Tagalongs if  I really want it.”

“Do I really want it? There’s not even snickerdoodles this time.”

“Meh. I don’t even think I want one. I got my coffee.”

Seems like this type of thing is becoming a norm for me when there are unexpected treats. I take a moment to decide if I actually want it. A lot of times I indulge because I’ve had a long, stressful day or because staff meetings are just so dang long and boring or because it’s right there in my face. I’m rarely hungry or having real cravings for any of it.



Good for you. I always ask “Is it worth the calories?” Sometimes I will taste something and if it isn’t amazing I throw it away. I would never have done that a year ago. Be careful of the mould. It can make you very sick Someone needs to come again and check it out. This is really serious.

The thing about it is that I am pretty sure people will just turn a blind eye. I should still say something, I guess, I think they are reluctant to fix anything because it costs money, and schools just don’t have money anymore. Our building was built in the mid 50’s.

j! ayson says:

It’s become natural to question how bad I want a treat, although sometimes I do end up indulging because the treats are right in front of me and everyone else around the meeting room table is having one. Moderation is key.

I agree! I’m pretty good at moderation. Most of the time, but definitely not all of the time. I still go binge crazy occasionally.

Maybe you need a little portable sign to put in front of the cookies that says “guaranteed to make you FAT!”

Put it down right in front of the cookies. Or on the plate.

See how many people take them then!

Re the mould thing, it can also be dangerous. Get it checked out. If it is coming from heating / cooling vents you could be in an environment that has legionnaires disease – something you DON’T want!

Most of my colleagues appear to be healthy, so I’ll bet they wouldn’t take heed from the sign because they take good care of themselves most of the time. 🙂 With the mold, I’m going to talk to my boss tomorrow about it and see what happens.

Yes, it is absolutely worth it. Who wouldn’t want to feel amazing, inside and out?

Be careful of the mold. It can be pretty serious.

Thanks! I remember when I sometimes wondered if it was worth it. Some days I still do! Some days I think about how it would be if I just ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then I realize I’d be back where I started… So it really is worth it.

I feel so GOOD when I’m eating healthy. If I ever wonder if it’s worth it, or thinking about how often I can indulge, I just think about how good it feel to be healthy! And another note, my best friend is Kat too!

I have a little sticky note on the closet mirror that says something about how much I love feeling healthy. I feel gross after overindulging.

Hi, I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger awards, it’s here on my page

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