Leanne Nalani

{March 10, 2013}   Banana Pancakes & Zombies

I finally tried banana pancakes this weekend. They were pretty good! I learned that I am terrible at making pancakes.

20130309_133003  20130310_093849


The first picture is my first attempt yesterday. The second attempt was made this morning. The look like crap but still taste pretty dang good. All you do is mash up a ripe medium banana and mix it with 2 eggs and some cinnamon. I’d call them banana omelets because that’s what they remind me of.


The other day I decided that it was time to buy a “2nd year” plush beanie to replace last year’s. My husband bought me this little guy for Valentine’s Day last year and I had him sitting on the alarm clock:


On his little tag I put a reminder message of the day I reached my ultimate goal weight. This week I bought a new one for this new year of maintenance:


This funky little character is my new alarm clock buddy to remind me of year #2.


Hubby and I had been creating a story together that was intended to be a video game. The idea was to use RPG Maker, but the whole task was pretty daunting. This weekend Mike got inspired and started simplifying our ideas – Why not make a board game instead? It’s fun and way easier! So we’re making a zombie board game. So far it’s pretty cool, if I don’t say so myself. 🙂

I Luv Zombies Cartoon sticker

To be honest, I don’t love zombies. They’re just ok. I prefer unicorns.


I also figured out that 1/4 cup of those expensive dried cherries I bought go really well with Chobani nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt. If you happen to like that tangy Greeky taste.

dried-cherries    vanilla-lg

Dried cherries + Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt = Yum!

I hope everyone has been having an excellent and enjoyable weekend!

Hehe…zombies! I should tell you my story about our zombie roosters on our property…we kill ’em, and they keep on crowing! I’m not kidding either…

Love that lamb though…so cute 🙂

Zombie roosters sound kind of gross! lol What’s funny is that chopping off chicken heads came up in conversation yesterday at a family dinner.
By the way, I never figured out that the stuffed toy was a lamb. Thanks for clearing that up for me! haha

Hahaha. Yep, looks like a rainbow lamb to me. Too cute! 🙂

Lucy says:

Keep trying and I’m sure you will make beautiful pancakes! =) The first time I made them they looked really bad and they tasted burnt. Now I can at least get them to look descent and be edible.

You’re right. At least, even though mine looked kind of burnt, they didn’t taste like it.

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