Leanne Nalani

{March 13, 2013}   “Whenever You’re Done With Your Diet Thing”

“We should do that whenever you’re done with your diet thing.”

Said by my best friend, Kat, about some restaurant we were fantasizing about eating at together. I thought that was funny because to say I’m “on a diet” doesn’t really make sense for me. The change has been made and it’s been static for some years now, so… I can gorge myself at an unhealthy restaurant occasionally. haha

I took her to her favorite restaurant, an Indian place down in Tacoma. We even walked there from her house which I was excited about because today is my day off from exercise but I’ve had a bunch of pent up energy (my students got a kick out of me this morning, quickly pacing around the classroom like a little kid with too much energy). I loved catching up because we rarely see each other. This was to celebrate her 30th birthday. Since they didn’t open for dinner until 5pm, we walked across the street to check out a specialty doughnut shop called Legendary Doughnuts. They make all kinds of dreamy delights. They even make “cakes”.



Back at the Indian restaurant she ordered biryani rice and garlic naan and I got shrimp tikka masala. Their food is amazing. Kat had this genius idea – The naan had air pockets in it, so she stuffed her rice and chicken inside. Genius! I quickly followed suit.

811516461_1353853750 l l (1)

That’s all for now!


Ignore the donuts! Indian food is my very favorite. That looks amazing! Great splurge!

I know and it didn’t feel like much of a splurge, either. I think Indian food is relatively healthy compared to a lot of other types of restaurants. I’d love to try other types of Indian food but I really wanted the masala.

That looks great! And I’m not even sure if I like Indian food! lol I would be willing to try it after seeing these pics!

You should definitely try it. You would probably like masala. It’s one of the most common dishes and is just meat and rice with a kind of spiced sauce (the picture on the right) – I’m not sure what it’s made of but it’s really good!

I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award!! Check out http://mimigettingfit.com/2013/03/14/liebster/
Thanks for being awesome!

That all looks so delicious!

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