Leanne Nalani

{March 16, 2013}   Lockdowns & the EMP

This week was our big state test in reading and writing. 3 days of stress-induced tests, holding graduation over the heads of the heads of our sophomores. I was scribing for one of my students on Thursday, so it was just us in my classroom when we heard a helicopter hovering overhead. The student wondered what was going on, and 20 minutes later we were in lockdown. By then he had just finished his test. We were in a modified lockdown for an hour – That means you can still talk and hold class but the door has to be locked and the windows covered. I got some grading done and the two of us had some bonding time to just chat because there really wasn’t anything else for him to do. Turns out the police were taking down someone who had stolen a car from the middle school next door. What is the most surprising to me is that this was our first lockdown of the year. Usually we have a few of them, so we’ve been lucky!

That day was a really weird day schedule-wise. 1st period was still in session at noon because of the lockdown. I was literally walking all up and down campus for various reasons so I got in a ton of steps. Maybe 13,000? I was exhausted by the end of the day so I unwound with some lovely red wine and watched the new version of Footloose. Did anyone else know Zac Efron dropped out of that film? I remember seeing all the previews for it with Zac Efron, so when I found it on Netflix and watched it I found it very odd that there was this other unknown guy playing the main role. Anyway, it was ok. You just can’t remake a movie like Footloose. Just like it’s sacrilegious for Glee to do “Highway to the Danger Zone.”



This week I had to put all my jeans in the dryer to tighten them up a bit. Much better now. This reminds me of one of the reasons I appreciate the weight-loss. I also found a new pair of jeans that I’m extremely excited about. They are very unorthodox for jeans but that’s kind of the point:


Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. It’s also fun to have a really good pair of eccentric jeans! These color block ones look very different but that’s why they’re so neat-o.


Speaking of neat-o, It’s hard to believe how much attention I’m getting for this new Duro Olowu trench coat:


It stands out and that must be why people admire it so much. I must admit that I do love it. There’s something about having a few extra-nice pieces of clothing that boosts your spirit and confidence, especially in the workplace.


Today we went to the EMP. If you haven’t heard of it or seen it, it’s the Experience Music Project in downtown Seattle, a very odd-looking building in the shadow of the Space Needle.



There is an exhibit called The Art of Video Games that is in town until May. We got to check out the history of gaming since the 1970’s, see all the old systems, and view some of the games for each.


From there we checked out the history of Nirvana, got some Wendy’s for lunch, and went home.

Did you know that Wendy’s has some lower calorie options now? We got the grilled chicken flatbread with smoky honey mustard and a small chili for about 600 cal. Not too shabby! Until my husband started reminiscing about the days he worked at Wendy’s as a teenager and how they made the chili. Ew.

14943_10151387962749489_1603340600_n wendys_chili2

On a final note, I decided not to try that new strategy of stocking up on my favorite junk foods at home (or exposure therapy, as I like to call it). The original idea is that it should help me feel like it will always be around so I won’t panic and eat it all as if I’m never going to have the chance to eat it again. It’s common sense that this is probably a terrible idea for me and not very fair to my husband, either. I want to be supportive of my husband and his own endeavors in healthy eating.


I tried the flatbread sandwich and it was yummy..not sure I want to know how they make the chili LOL

It’s not as bad as one might imagine, but still kind of unappetizing!

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