Leanne Nalani

{March 24, 2013}   Stuffed Myself Silly

It’s been a fun and social weekend. I took a break from all my stringent regimens to relax which equated to drinking, enjoying the company of friends, and eating lots of yummy food.

My FitBit stats really show the change in behavior over the past few days. Yesterday the most steps I got were just over 3,000. I haven’t exercised since Tuesday and I haven’t been getting as much sleep as usual, either. But it’s all good. Things will go back to normal along with the work week.

Last night was my sister’s annual girl’s sleepover party. I met a couple new people and everyone had fun chatting, drinking, and eating. Malia made all the good taco fixings. She even bought a jar of sliced jalapenos with me in mind. Yay! They really put a great kick into a soft taco. There was great music playing and people seemed to like the rummy bears I made. They were an experiment but they turned out great! We played Uno and Cards Against Humanity, because a party isn’t a party without CAH. Twister was the best, though. I’d actually never played it before and won the first round. The second round was even better just watching the chaos.



Any guess which butt is mine?



At some point Malia threw on Chicago. I stuffed myself silly to the point where I didn’t drink as much as I expected. I fully intended to stay the night, but by the time everything started winding down around 1am and a few other girls had gone home, I’d been stone sober for a while, so I decided to sleep in my own bed.

Meanwhile, Mike has been on a mancation in Oregon. He comes home today and I’m looking forward to seeing him!


Looks like fun! 🙂

Fun! And tacos are my favorite food! Jalepenos and chipotle Tabasco! That’s awesome he went mancationed in Oregon (where I’m from)! What did he get to do?

The guys stayed at a big house on the coast and partied it up a bit. Ping pong, clubbing, wandering around the area, etc… 🙂

fasterfastest says:

These Twister pictures are so great!

sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

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