Leanne Nalani

{April 16, 2013}   Back to School

This week is back to the daily grind. So far it has been great and I’ve been enjoying the usual routines at school and the structure it all brings. The weather has been kind of strange, with warmer weather and blue skies and sunshine and fluffy clouds and… What? Hail?

I was reading a magazine the other day and actually found something useful as a coffee drinker. They suggested mixing nutmeg into coffee grounds. Since I usually drink my coffee with nothing but a tiny bit of Splenda, this has made a big difference. I use whole bean coffee, so after grinding it I mix nutmeg and cinnamon straight into the grounds. What a lovely flavor! The interesting part is that it’s not the same to add those spices after brewing the coffee.


Another recent change at home has been to my morning oatmeal. Usually I cook it and throw in cinnamon and dried mixed berries. This time I replaced the mixed berries with a kind of trail mix that still has the berries but also has peanuts and almonds. It made for a great switch.

Master’s classes have started up again. The difference? This is my last quarter! The end is near! Time to get this program done and over with, get my degree, and have a quiet, comfortable summer without doing vast amounts of research and projects.

It’s hard to come up with the right words about yesterday, but what happened in Boston was a terrible tragedy. It’s saddening that anyone would do such a thing.


I love putting cinnamon in my coffee! YUM!

I’m going to try that the next time I brew coffee – hope I remember!!

I’m SO addicted to coffee. We buy Guatemalan coffee beans straight from the plantation…same price shipped as starbuck. He grinds it every morning and takes 2 cups with him to work and I finish the other 8 cups. Straight up black. I would love to add spices! Maybe on the weekends when I brew it up. Time to brew a pot of decaff right about now. Ha ha Stay strong!

I’m also a coffee lover, but mostly for the caffeine. I do like the taste, but not enough to eat coffee flavored ice cream. Unless it has chocolate in it. 🙂 That’s really cool that you guys get your coffee from the plantation. How’d you find out about that?

Hubby was there for work..toured on his day off. They have a website. :). It’s so different though…we were so used to crap coffee. We have to grind the bean fine..it’s pretty robust. Yum!

fasterfastest says:

Congrats on almost finishing your Master’s!

And seriously, what was up with that hail?! I just stood staring out the window while it was happening, like “Is this the end of the world?”

I know what you mean about Boston. It’s so difficult to process such senseless violence. As cliche as it sounds, I think we just have to do our best to stick together at times like these.

I know! We did the same thing! Well, actually I was too lazy to get up off the couch, but my husband definitely checked it out as it piled up on our roof.

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