Leanne Nalani

{April 17, 2013}   I’m not strong; I’m desperate!

For some reason I’ve been feeling anxious and impatient this week. There is no apparent reason for this, but it is what it is. Maybe I’m a little bored at work? My students have been almost too good – They’re not keeping me on my toes because they’re doing such a great job. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great! I’m just used to being a little more occupied while working with them. Seems like the freshmen have really matured since the fall, thank god. As for the anxiety, it could be with my Procert program that I have barely worked on. It’s totally separate from my Masters program, but is supposed to take about a year to complete. Mine’s due at the end of June. Just another crappy hoop to jump through in order to maintain having a teaching certificate. I’m an excellent procrastinator, though.

Kids do the darnedest things. This morning I was teaching and one of my students had an ice pack on his hand. Later I turned around and saw that the kid sitting next to him was drinking the melted water out of that ice pack. He said he was thirsty because he had a cold. Wow, that’s some thirst! All of us couldn’t help but laugh.

Then, toward the end of the day, I was sitting there thinking about how much I wasn’t looking forward to the staff meeting. So boring. I was negotiating with myself – Maybe I’ll feel better if I bring a Tootsie Pop. Nah, not good enough. Maybe there will be snacks. Not a good idea. How about some coffee? Heck yes! I always have Starbuck’s Via packets and Splenda in a drawer and my special Via tumbler:


As my luck would have it, the water cooler was empty. I was replacing the big jug as a student walked by saying, “Wow, you’re strong!” My response? “I’m not strong; I’m desperate!” Got my coffee. Happy Leanne.

But I was still unenthused at the useless meeting. Most of it was a big waste, so there went an hour of my time.


My job is a giant meeting. It sucks! At least you got your water! I think you should find a new healthy (super tasty, indulgent) recipe and eat it in front of your students. That’ll be exciting!

One Fit Mama says:

What grade do you teach? I enjoy beating my 13 year old son at arm wrestling. Granted I’m worried about when he can actually beat me


I teach mostly 9th and 10th graders. Since the school is so small everyone kind of knows everyone else, though.

One Fit Mama says:

Lots of respect. I can hardly handle one teen couldn’t imagine whole rooms full

I’m not a big fan of staff meetings either and neither is our principal so she tends to keep them short and sweet.

I used to teach at a middle school that had 30 minute staff meetings once a month. That was nice. At my school we have 60 minutes staff meetings every week. I’m used to it and a lot of times they are useful because they are focused on professional development. When they aren’t it’s just grueling, though!

fasterfastest says:

At my office we call coffee “meeting fuel,” so you were just properly fueling up 😉

I know how you feel about useless meetings. I’m always reminded of this Tumblr whenever I’m stuck in one: http://fakevertising.tumblr.com/ Makes me wish I was a better, stealthier doodler!

lol I have a special doodle that I tend to do when I’m bored at meetings. I’d post it if I had an example but I don’t. It’s just a pattern that is soothing to draw and ends up looking a little bit like a pinwheel. I love the Tumblr pic you linked that said, “I think we’re on the same page and that page says BEER.” Awesome. Except for me it wouldn’t say beer, it would say Captain Morgan.

j! ayson says:

Love that starbucks via tumbler! I should have a couple of those Via packs in my work drawer just in case I need it.
I always need coffee to make it through those meetings..

Via’s awesome. That tumbler is a lifesaver, too!

Cassy says:

Ugh. I hate when people have useless meetings that just take up time! You could be working out or going walking… be more productive! lol

I’m lucky that our staff meetings are mostly focused around professional development. Otherwise I think I’d start an uprising!

Funny! I would do anything when I’m desperate for coffee! lol

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