Leanne Nalani

{April 21, 2013}   Quiet Weekend

Not much to report this weekend. It’s been quiet and we’ve been revisiting World of Warcraft just for the hell of it. There were days when that’s all we’d do because it’s an addicting game, but after exploring so much of it for such a long time the addiction finally wanes.


Yesterday I started my first designated Treat Day. The idea was that I could have a day to eat whatever I felt like in order to prevent deprivation. Unfortunately I wasn’t satisfied with my weight, though. I am proud of the choices I made because I had originally intended to go kind of crazy. I wanted to get Chinese take-out, make and eat cookie dough, and have ice cream. Instead I chose to have veggie pho and some ice cream. Pho doesn’t even count as a splurge because it’s so light. And I resisted the bubble tea!


I order mine without broccoli because broccoli is gross.

How did your weekend go? The week in store is just a regular week with nothing exciting happening.


That’s awesome that you wanted to eat fairly healthy! I am horrible at sticking to healthy food 24/7. Nice video game! We play Boarderlands. B is pretty big into video games and I learned how to play one game with him. After 6-8 hours I feel like my eyes are dried open!

6-8 hours is a long time. I’d feel the same way. I’ve played Borderlands before and thought it was pretty fun, but I didn’t get through it all. Usually with food I stick to healthy stuff the majority of the time. I think the goal is like 80/20 – 80% healthy, 20% whatever. 🙂

I probably manage the 80/20 also. Ya…B can play for 20 hours straight I’m pretty sure.

lol, I don’t like broccoli either.

Do you like cilantro? I hear there’s a connection to people not liking cilantro, too.

No, cilantro seems to give me an upset stomach. Do you like it? I’ve never heard about that connection…interesting…

I don’t like cilantro. What I’ve heard is that people who don’t like cilantro tend not to like broccoli. I’m not sure what that’s all about but I’ve heard the cilantro thing is gene-related.

The noodles look YUM!

Christina says:

That looks yummy! And I’ve always enjoyed WoW, just don’t really have as much time anymore! Maybe once school is out of the way 🙂

That’s an awesome treat day, congrats for reigning yourself in (I totally failed on my treat day this week which somehow turned into a treat long weekend 😉 ), the pho looks delish!

That’s been happening to me too often lately, which is why I’m reinstating the treat day thing. Before I’d go crazy one day and then it becomes a whole weekend or even a whole week. The once a week treat day should hopefully help prevent a binge.

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