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{May 7, 2013}   Yup, Overdid It

Despite overdoing things on Friday, I forced myself to work out Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The plan today was to do some more strength, but I just couldn’t. My body screamed STOP! All day I’ve felt like my muscles were weighing down on me. My brain was active but my body didn’t want to move. So I came home, lay down on the couch, and read some Game of Thrones. I’m only a few chapters into the first book but it’s fun to piece together all the different families and places, getting to know each character and all that.


At school this week I found this framed picture in my box:


Awww, it’s Teacher Appreciation Day

Lately I’ve been discontent with my biceps – They’re bigger than I’d like. How do I get lean-looking arms where my muscles will show through without looking beefy? I’m not even lifting heavy weights – only 7 pounders, but I am working to fatigue. It doesn’t take all that many to achieve this, so I’ve been sticking to the 7’s. Should I just work my biceps less? Lower weights? Work on them once a week instead of twice? Or maybe I should just not bother with working my biceps at all. I don’t know.



Burke says:

1st off, biceps are hot. 2nd, you might have over done it a bit, but over-training is a chronic issue that takes time to build up to. If you have reached that point, you’ve been on your way there for more than a few days. But exhaustion isn’t out of the question.
I’ve been trying to read the Game of Thrones, but watching the horrendously boring HBO version has completely tainted my reading experience. Yawnnnn!

Oh I gotcha. In that case I didn’t overtrain, but there’s gotta be a word for doing perhaps more sets than you should? I dunno, I felt sick after that particular workout for some weird reason.
Oh no! I was hoping the HBO series was going to be good so I could start watching it after finishing the first book. So far I’m really enjoying the book, but we’ll see how that goes.

Ahhhhh…Game of Thrones. Therein lies madness 😉

Seriously, I loved it. Then I got to about book 6 and gave up. But I’m lazy like that. Most of my friends are still sticking with it, and loving it 🙂

One Fit Mama says:

Loved game of thrones – the books and the series

As for the arms, you’re probably one of those holding your fat in your arms –
You cannot get big bulky arms and definitely not from curling 7 lb weights. Lift big. 2-3 sets once or twice a
Week of 10-12 reps. You’ll get there!

You’re right, I think the fat in my arms is a lot of extra skin from being overweight, so that might have something to do with it.

Funny we had teacher appreciation day as well. The parents served us an amazing lunch and I received a beautiful flower arrangement. There was so much food but I tried to limit my portions and half my plate was filled with salad. There must have been more than a dozen desserts. I had a very small piece of mousse cake and I took one bite of a cupcake (it wasn’t worth the calories so I didn’t finish it). I was too tired to run tonight so I just supervised the girls while they ran. The other coaches didn’t have the energy to run either. Maybe there’s something in the air (across the entire continent).

We have a buffet lunch today so I think I’ll check it out and see what’s available! I doubt ours will be as full of desserts, which is a good thing!

Isn’t it teacher appreciation week??? Here’s to teachers!

Whenever I lift I always feel like all my energy gets sapped/I’m starving. Good luck figuring out what’s best for you!

I get that way, too. I try to stock up on protein and green tea on those days.

I am a believer in pushing myself but I also believe in listening to your body.
Lifting heavy is great for sculpting your body, if you are struggling at the 8th rep, it is the right weight. If not, it’s time to move up. 2-3 times a week at your current weight (7’s) sounds right for you. Don’t lift 2 days in a row! Give your muscles time to heal.
Stay strong my friend!

I think I’ll have to pay attention today when I do strength to see how many reps it really takes me. It might take more than 8, in fact I’m pretty sure of it. Luckily my weights are adjustable so I can just add on more pounds. Oh, I do twice a week but never in a row.

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