Leanne Nalani

{May 8, 2013}   Feeling Appreciated. VERY Appreciated.

What was I thinking, assuming there wouldn’t be multitudes of sweets for Teacher Appreciation Week? A lot of appreciation is going around, that’s for sure. First we were given those cute framed pictures. Then today a local church fed us lunch. It was sandwiches with a variety of cheeses, meats, salads, etc. It was awesome – They even provided options for people who are doing that whole gluten-free thing. haha Then they gave each teacher a goodie bag with essentials like hand sanitizer, tissues, and of course chocolate.

Oh, and they had about 10 different kinds of desserts – Cookies, brownies, blond brownies, you name it. I was busy patting myself on the back for only taking two cookies as I watched my co-worker bring a bowl-full of probably 7 or 8 cookies with her to the table. It’s funny because she and I are similar – Skinny, Zumba-loving, MAJOR sweet tooth. So anyway I totally knew where she was coming from, but I was particularly proud of myself.


Unfortunately that’s not all, folks. At the end of the day we went to the staff meeting. Guess what was there? Another display of goodies! Sandwich roll-ups, fruit, and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. And of course by the end of the day I’m hungry again. Filled a plate full of grapes, pineapple, strawberries, and mango. Took a big fat shortbread cookie half-dipped in chocolate. Oh, but I didn’t stop there. Then I took a peanut butter cookie and a smaller shortbread cookie.

Close Up with background

Then I got anxious. In the middle of looking at senior projects I was informed that a parent was waiting for his son in the hallway. This is one of my kids who recently moved in with his dad. I introduced myself and then it turned into a big unexpected meeting. He didn’t know what an IEP was or that his son has a learning disability. He was surprised and had a ton of really intelligent, supportive questions, which was great, but the whole thing kind of threw me off. Afterwards I was feeling anxious for some reason, maybe a little stressed, so I dug into some chocolate.


The upside to this crazy day is that I had a bunch of energy to exercise, so I did an hour of strength and then 20 minutes of Zumba. I’m trying not to eat the rest of the day unless I get hungry.

P.S. I got two brand new computers set up on my classroom today! That’s 2 computers more than before! Also, next year my classroom is going to be MY classroom again. Right now I share with 2 other teachers. Score!


genext13 says:

We had 8 boxes of doughnuts in the lounge today. Breakfast tomorrow. I have been at a school where a local parent who would bring home made treats stuff every Friday. On teacher appreciation week she would bring stuff every day. This school not so much. They still put small things in our boxes each day. They are also doing a bingo game calling numbers each day of the week for the teachers. Prizes are gift cards, etc.

Oooh bingo game, that sounds like fun. I’d have a really hard time working at a school that has treats on a regular basis. Then again, it might be a good way to build up a resistance.

losing50laps says:

Don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is almost here.

One day won’t kill you! I hate it when work is filled with food! Donuts and pizza seem to show up ALL THE TIME! I have one co-worker who brings AMAZING salsa. Props for that.

It’s hard when stuff shows up all that time. I agree that one day won’t kill me but this month is full of busy weekends which I’m even more concerned about. haha It will be hard to avoid making bad choices this weekend and especially next weekend.

Leanne I’ve nominated you for a Bouquet of Awards at http://mamacormier.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/more-awards-thank-you/. If you choose to accept, feel free to cut and paste whatever you need from the post to make the process easier! If not, know that your blog is well appreciated and a source of inspiration to me. Carol

Thank you, Carol! I appreciate it! I really do. I’ve been nominated for awards but I usually don’t post them. I feel kind of like a jerk when I don’t put the award on my page but it’s mostly because of the pressure of the chain where they often ask me to pick 12 other people and what not. Lots of pressure makes me anxious. I really do appreciate being nominated, though! 🙂

I understand completely. Picking 15 blogs was the most difficult part of this award.

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