Leanne Nalani

{May 12, 2013}   Not a Drinker

I don’t like admitting this because it makes me feel guilty. I’m just not much for drinking. What, you say? Why is that a problem, you ask? Because at parties I have a hard time drinking a lot and getting drunk with everyone. I feel guilty about it because people probably expect me to be getting drunk when everyone else is, and when I can’t it’s like I’m letting people down.

What happens to me is this: I’ll intend to get drunk and be crazy but it just won’t happen. Like I’ll have a couple drinks and be buzzed for an hour or two, but then if I drink more I’ll get sleepy and/or really depressed. I can’t control the fact that this happens, so I usually just stop drinking at a certain point so that I can continue to enjoy myself. I can have fun without getting shit-faced but I feel guilty because of social pressures.

Anyone else like this?

Anyway, our friend came up from Cali and we saw Oblivion yesterday. The movie started off mediocre but got better. Then we had BBQ and hung out the rest of the night. Chicken brats are awesome. I bought them and regular brats, but everyone wanted the chicken ones. Healthy choices FTW!

Jury duty started on Friday. We went in, watched a video, and got sent home. I had to take the day off for that? Then they randomly called back 20 of the 60 some odd people there, and of course I was one of them. I have a sub for Monday, but I anxiously spoke with the woman who gave us our consultation and she may be able to get me dismissed after Monday. I am stressed because student led conferences are on Thursday and Friday and I really can’t miss those. That would be a HUGE hardship for me. I don’t have time to reschedule and re-hold 25 SLC’s before June 13th.

Health-wise I’m doing well. Exercising and eating great. My birthday is next weekend. Mike is taking me out Saturday and then my family is celebrating my birthday and a belated Mother’s Day that Sunday. The plan is to have no plan and just have fun. I’ve already reached my birthday weight goal so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

P.S. This tickle in the back of my throat better not be anything.

P.P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially mine!


Leanne you should never feel guilty about not drinking. If you have a drink in your hand (soda water, spritzer, diet coke, whatever) your friends shouldn’t be questioning you as to what you have in your hand. If you can enjoy yourself without drinking or limiting yourself to one or two drinks you will be so much better off than your friends. You’ll feel better the next day, won’t feel guilty for all the empty calories you’ve drunk and you’ll actually remember everything that happened at the party.

Thank you! I’d like to think that I function best over a nice buzz, but that only lasts so long before I need to decide to sober up or go all out. At this point going all out doesn’t work for me anymore. But at least I have that fun buzz for a little while. You make an excellent point about how it shouldn’t matter what I’m drinking!

cathyo says:

I’m with you. Not much into drinking these days. Once in a while I will “tie one on” with the right group of girlfriends, but most of the time I don’t even bother having anything at all…sticking to just water. I’d rather eat my calories these days them wasting then on booze. That being said, I did enjoy a nice cold Corona yesterday while sitting on the front patio watching the world go by!

I do love the occasional glasses of wine or bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade with family and friends. That’s about all I ever want if anything. It’s a good way to unwind from time to time.

fitin52 says:

I don’t drink. At all. Ever. Never have. Never will. I have people around me who try to make me feel stupid or wrong about this, especially because I don’t even like being around them when they are drinking and I refuse to date anyone who drinks. But this is who I am. It’s mostly religious, but part of it is because my father was an alcoholic and I watched it destroy my family (among other things). Anyway, my point is I hope you never feel guilty about not being a big drinker because you are who you are. And who you are is pretty awesome! So just be you ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you! That means a lot. I haven’t been personally pressured by anyone in a while which great. Maybe I should lay off myself because a lot of the pressure is something I’m putting on myself. I’m sorry you had to deal with family issues related to alcohol. I am lucky I haven’t been in that boat.

I enjoy a few drinks here and there, but nowhere near what I used to drink. I don’t feel any pressures because of it, but life has also changed with having kids. Most of the people I drink with are family, and they certainly don’t expect me to get crazy…although if I do, that’s okay too. That’s what’s great about them. They take me as I am, faults and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope the pressure lessens for you…and I hope that tickle in the back of your throat turns out to be nothing!

I’ve been jamming my body full of Emergen-C and zinc tablets all day, so hopefully whatever this is doesn’t stick around. Lots of sleep tonight! I think the drinking pressure is more something I place on myself. It’s hard when everyone else is binge drinking because I make assumptions that others will frown on me for not being any fun or whatever.

Binge drinking is definitely not healthy, so good for you not doing it! I really don’t anymore either. It just doesn’t happen, plus being hungover is NOT fun. Especially with kids to take care of!

losing50laps says:

Don’t feel bad about not drinking. It’s not all that great to be out of your mind and making a fool of yourself. It you want – get a charged water with a lemon. People won’t thing anything of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is a charged water? Sometimes I want to get obliterated but it still doesn’t work out. Must be something to do with getting older, like the way I can’t sleep for as long as I used to.

I hate the tastes of alcohol actually..so i am always the one sober person at the party..nothing to feel bad about!

I’m a fan of rum. It’s not that I’m a non-drinker it’s just that it’s hard to have more than a couple without getting too sleepy or depressed for no reason.

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