Leanne Nalani

{May 24, 2013}   Surprises

This morning in advisory some students came in and said, “Here’s your school newspapers.” I was like, “We have a newspaper? When did this wonderful thing happen?” So now we have a newspaper! I’m so excited and proud of our students who created it:


I like the name, but I don’t care for the giant eyeball.

What’s even better is that my students were totally into reading it this morning. Some of them are starving to find something they are interested in reading. I love seeing my students (who have learning disabilities in reading) get into the articles written by their peers.


Yesterday I had to proctor our state test for math. I am in charge of small group testing with accommodations for our kids in special education. There were only four kids, so it was super relaxing. I brought my netbook and worked on my masters program – Finished two big assignments EARLY and submitted both at the same time, even though the first one is due on the 27th and the last one is due on June 19th.

The surprising thing is this – Last night I got a push notification on my phone that a grade had been posted for the class. This freaked me out because I turned it in early, so I was thinking, “Oh crap, did I do it wrong? She graded it so fast!” I had to wait 15 seconds for my grade to show. 100%. Hells yeah!

A couple hours later I got ANOTHER push notification that a grade had been posted for the assignment due on June 19th. I had to wait 15 more seconds thinking, “Oh crap, did I do it wrong? She graded it so fast!” 39.2 out of 40, which I guess equated to 98%. Sweet! Which means I’m pretty much done with that class already. One less thing to think about this quarter. Now to finish my final project for the other class and wrap up my ProCert entries.


Today was a furlough half-day so I came home early and watched a movie on Netflix – Girl in Progress. Heard of it? It has Eva Mendez and some teenager I’ve seen somewhere before. I thoroughly enjoyed it! One thing, though. It doesn’t really shout “Seattle” the way I think they wanted it to. I didn’t feel much of a Seattle connection. But that’s not the point, anyway.


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