Leanne Nalani

{June 20, 2013}   Day 3 Success!

Yesterday was another good day. I did some Zumba and also some Zumba sculpt (which doesn’t really do much sculpting) and ate well. Loki had his vet appointment and was very anxious as usual, but they said he seemed much calmer this time. He doesn’t ever notice when they give him shots but he thinks it’s the apocalypse when they clip his nails. At least they do the job a million times better than I could. Next up, a lion cut for summer?


Loki now…


yow-348-1 Rani's Lion Cut


This could be his new look…?

At my dentist appointment the hygienist said I had boring teeth. Then she asked me who my orthodontist was growing up because they did a really good job. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking me to the right place! I appreciate that as now I’m told I have a nice, natural bite and a straight set of teeth. The only problem is that I drink coffee, so some kind of bleaching would be nice. Anyway, The dentist literally spent about 2 minutes with me before saying, “See ya!”

To wrap up the day, I got in over 100oz. of water. Overall everything was good on the wagon-front. The scale was down another couple pounds. Seems like it’s been 3 days of losing water weight, but maybe that’s not the case. Not sure how much was really water weight. I’m starting to think that this set point* thing may actually be real. I’m a skeptic of a lot of things, so the set point was something that sounded like it could be true or untrue. If it’s true, then my set point is going to help me get back down to my maintenance weight more quickly. So far these last 3 days has shown this, but it’s only been 3 days. After a week I’ll have to report back on this topic again.

*For anyone unfamiliar with set points, it’s supposed to be a weight range that your body “wants” to stay at, maybe because you’ve been there for a long period of time or whatever, but often they talk about it in terms of women trying to lose weight and their set points making it difficult. If any of it is true, then the set point can be changed with healthy eating, exercise, etc.


Great job on another successful day!

losing50laps says:

Boring teeth? LOL. I had braces twice and I am thankful for my parents making me get them. Awesome water, exercise….you had a good day!

fitin52 says:

My old boss thinks that my set point is where I am at now and that I should listen to my body if it’s telling me to stay in the mid-170’s. Um, yeah, like I’m really gonna do that. Haha! But the idea of a set point may be true. Congrats on keeping it up!!!

I love Zumba 🙂 But haven’t gone in awhile! Boring teeth are awesome. I have fairly boring teeth…minus the wisdom teeth I’m removing in a few weeks! Ahhh!

Your dog is adorable! I had a cat that hated going to the vet so much that he would need to be sedated for them to examine him.
Sounds like you are on a great path!!

Tammy says:

Keep up the great work!!

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