Leanne Nalani

{June 30, 2013}   Log Show & Heat Sickness

It started heating up this weekend and there were consequences. It’s hard to believe that only the 80’s could feel like this. We rarely get heat in Western WA and most years we do get one or two 100 degree days. That is exactly how it felt yesterday. Yes, I know the 80’s is nothing to most of you living in the insane heat in other parts of the country, but here we are used to temps in the 50’s and 60’s year round so no one has AC unless it’s a window unit, and we’re just not used to dealing with it. That said, the family got heat sickness last night, but let’s start with the daytime first.

My sister and her boyfriend invited everyone out to the local log fest, which is one of those small town events where you can walk around and buy fair food and items from vendors and then go see the competitions – Things like double bucking, speed climbing, and axe throwing.



Axe Throwing


I tried a deep fried Twinkie, just a bite of my husband’s. It was just ok. Kind of like deep fried Snickers, they’re not quite what you expect and don’t taste as amazing as you want. I had some shave ice and we watched the show sitting in direct sunlight. I got a little burny. Dripping sweat everywhere. Gross. I don’t sweat like that even with an intense workout.


After it peels it will be a year-long tan. If not melanoma.

Eventually we walked back to the house and enjoyed beers and company. More people came and there was a fish fry – Cod, ling cod, halibut, and sturgeon. All caught fresh by my sister and her boyfriend. Everything was fried and I kind of went all out. This was probably because I barely ate any food all day and had a good amount of alcohol. They fried potatoes, onions, and there was even fried quinoa. Not to mention all the yummy desserts. One person made S’mores Bars which has a base of buttery shortbread/graham cracker, topped with melted chocolate and marshmallows on top. It was amazing. You could really taste the butter and it was hard to stop eating it.

We went home early because hubby wasn’t feeling too good. Unfortunately when we got home Loki was in a similar boat. He’d been at home in the heat all day and was not holding down water. Every time he’d guzzle it he’d throw it all up, then try to go guzzle some more. I took the water away to slow him down and tried having him lick ice instead. Nothing worked. When he started settling down and stopped puking, we tried putting him to bed in his cage/kennel but he was restless and jumping up and down. We brought him into our room and he still was not doing well. He couldn’t sleep and would pace the room.

At that point it was probably 1am and I wasn’t feeling well, either. We found our crappy portable AC and moved it into the room. Amazingly it still works! That did wonders and now all of us are feeling better. This morning Loki was back to normal, acting like a cat walking all over us and practically sitting on our faces to wake us up.

I worked out this morning after I woke up, which I NEVER do. I had to because it’s going to be even hotter today and tomorrow.

I hope everyone else is beating the heat. It’s not fun to feel sick from it.


fitin52 says:

Ugh! I’m sorry! We’ve had a heat wave too, it even broke 100 a couple days. At least you didn’t use the heat as an excuse to not workout. Way to go!

Wow, we get one or two 100 degree days most years. Not last year, though. I hope it doesn’t happen this year!

LoseItBig says:

Ouch. Temps kind of comfy here in the Midwest but also on and off rain

Rain and some wind would be great!

losing50laps says:


Aloe helps. It’s not bothering me much. I’m too distracted by the heat.

We don’t have a/c either, not even a portable unit. It’s hot and humid here in MN usually, but this summer has been quite nice so far. Today, was absolutely beautiful, if not a bit cool. We do get a nice breeze on the farm, which helps, and my tolerance to the heat has gotten much higher than when we first got married. Unless it’s really hot or humid or both, it doesn’t usually bother me much anymore. But we still need a portable a/c unit or something.

The problem with portable units is they only keep small rooms cool. They are worth it, though. When it’s too hot we just hole up in one room with the AC going.

Poor Loki! So glad the whole brood is feeling better! The heat, the sun and all the fried food made for a bad combo!
We have been getting super humid days in NY, which sucks.
Great job getting your workout in though! 🙂

Loki got worse but I’ll be posting about that later. In the end he’s ok.

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