Leanne Nalani

{July 7, 2013}   Car Camping

We just came back from our first little vacation to Ocean Shores, a few hours west. It’s a traditional vacation spot for Western Washington families, but this year we did it a little differently than usual. Typically we go there with family, drink on the beach, I fly my stunt kite, eat pizza, visit the casino, and walk around the little mini malls to get salt water taffy and fudge. This time around it was just me and my husband in the Prius on the 4th of July, so we started things off with our friends here:


We had originally wanted to go camping the first night but the state park was booked until the 5th, so we were forced to spend the 4th of July in a king bed suite at the casino, which incidentally is also on the beach and had the only professional fireworks display in town. Oh woe were we. I got to play the penny slots and they served free Starbucks and pop. The doom and gloom was horrifying. ;p


It was relaxing to watch the fireworks from our room window. An abundance of cars and people were parked on the beach right next to it, so before and after the big show we could watch everyone setting off their own fireworks. About halfway through the pro show, some people started a brush fire that took a while for the fire department to put out.


Prior to the casino we spent some of the day playing around town, walking the shops and renting banana bikes. That was some good exercise!


The next two days were spent car camping at the state park which was a short walk away from the beach. We were unique tent campers and suprisingly the comments from passers by were very positive.


If you own a Prius, check out Habitents.com

This thing was great and took under a minute to put up/take down. Keeps the bugs out and is super comfy. People were asking about it, but I think they only make them for the Prius. It’s a great idea. The campsite was nice and surrounded by bushes with a picnic table and fire pit. The park sounded kind of like a mix between a dog kennel and a nursery, though. Luckily we spent a lot of time in town. In fact, we went mini golfing which was a lot of fun! Interestingly, the weather was beautiful all weekend so it was hot and humid, which is a bit unusual for that part of the state.

On the health front we were both very good and stuck to some well laid out plans for the most part. We cooked hot dogs and s’mores over the fire, ate light, and had one bigger meal a day. Even then our meals were not all that large. I may have actually gotten as much exercise and eaten the same caloric intake throughout our vacation as I do at home. Neither of us were having strong cravings for anything and we even skipped our traditional fudge purchases.

On the way home we checked out the nuclear power plants. I read that it was cancelled in ’83, so we got to walk right up to the massive structure.



And now I’ll leave you with pictures of Loki’s new lion cut:




Sounds like a great vacation! I hope the scale is kind to you…I think you did quite well. 🙂

Meh the scale was about the same to me. But hey, it could have been a lot worse. I didn’t gain!

Glad you had a great vacation! 🙂

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