Leanne Nalani

{July 14, 2013}   Sunday Check-In

This has been a beautiful, enjoyable weekend so far. It’s Sunday morning and I’m relaxing with my coffee, some TV and the dog. 🙂 Loki has claimed one of our chair pillows permanently,

photo (3)

meaning it no longer has its place on the big round chair it once belonged to.

photo (4)

Hey, my FitBit stats are showing up on a daily basis now! I used to have the weekly report selected but it wasn’t showing up, so I switched it to daily.


Speaking of, my overall fitness and weight have finally decided to improve. I’ve been strength training regularly and my husband has been joining me, which has been great. It’s a short but tough whole-body strength routine so it’s nice to have him join me. My weight has been starting to drop from that little pleateau, but Wednesday will be the official 1-month check in so I’ll post more about that later. What I will say for now is that I’ve been working hard, making the right choices, and it’s been paying off. I’m hoping I will be back to my goal weight before we head off to Montana for a week, because vacations tend to undo me pretty bad.

On Friday my sister’s boyfriend turned 30 and she had a surprise party planned for him at the local pub. It was fun to meet his parents finally and catch up with people, some of whom we’re going camping with in a couple weeks. I took a bite of my husband’s sandwich/grinder thing and some of my sister’s Hawaiian pizza. Both were very good, but maybe that was the alcohol talking. Salt was a dominant flavor in both, but they still were good. Hawaiian pizza is my favorite. Throw some cashews in there and it’s perfect, but most places don’t do cashews on pizza.


Yesterday was a do-nothing type of day so we decided to get outside in the sun for a little while. Took Loki for a nice long walk downtown at the local park/river/golf course. We also went to a bar to play some rounds of pool, where I had some diet pop. I didn’t know pop was free, so yay!

One thing I hadn’t mentioned is that we have eliminated pop from our house. DH requested this and I jumped on board. This has been happening for a couple weeks or so and we’ve both been drinking more water because of it. In the end neither of us are hurting for it. We get it sometimes when we go out but our consumption is vastly reduced now. I used to buy 6 12-packs every two weeks. Now we have none and it’s just fine. Relating this to the bar yesterday, I realized that I appreciate diet pop as a treat now. I was excited just to have one at the bar without any alcohol in it.


I’ve had a great weekend with one day left to enjoy. How’s yours?


Ack! Loki is adorable!! Love!
Congrats on eliminating the soda!!! I definitely feel a difference not drinking it and you will feel great!

Yeah Loki’s my little mama’s boy. 🙂 Glad we have soda out of the house. Keeps things simple.

losing50laps says:

I have noticed a change in reducing diet coke. Just holds water weight. Grr

I didn’t realize diet soda did that. I wonder why.

losing50laps says:


LoseItBig says:

It’s great that hubby is joining you in your workouts. Makes it harder for you to come up with an excuse.

It was his idea and I’m glad he’s joining me! We motivate each other.

Its so much easier to stay healthy when your spouse is on board! And cutting out soda was the best thing I ever did!

Yep, having hubby join strength training keeps us both motivated. We haven’t completely cut out pop, only in the house. When we go out it’s fair game. But we don’t go out more than once or twice a week in those kinds of scenarios.

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