Leanne Nalani

{July 17, 2013}   What a Month Can Do


As you may know, I went on a crazy binger the last two weeks of school, which finally came to an end as of June 16th. I have a history of obesity, yo-yoing 60+ pounds of weight, and having a sweet tooth/stomach capacity that no normal person can compete with. On the 17th I got back on track, eating healthy, cutting calories, and exercising probably more than I should have. At that point I was extremely bloated all over (even my face!), my skin had broken out, I felt disgusting, and most of my wardrobe didn’t fit anymore. The weigh in wasn’t pretty and too embarrassing to post here. I took pictures to remind myself where I don’t want to put myself again. I’m a little anxious to put all this out there for anyone to read, but sometimes just admitting it can help with fixing the problem.


You might wonder how two weeks can do that much damage. While I was busy eating everything in sight, I never stopped to think about why I was doing it. In hindsight I was far more stressed than I thought at the time. It’s weird how that works. I was finalizing my masters degree projects and my ginormous Procert projects, stressing about what I would be teaching next year because it was a big unknown while everyone else knew what they were doing, and finalizing the end of the year stuff with the kiddos. At the time if you’d asked me I would have said I wasn’t stressed and that everything was fine, but it wasn’t fine at all. I was secretly pulling my hair out to the point where even I didn’t realize how bad it was. Mix that with being a food addict and you get a perfect storm.


Make that “week”

Just a few examples of what I ate during those 2 weeks:

tumblr_mjsxp1F2gz1qk7igao1_250  img-thing  tumblr_m9a88agPrP1r11f44o1_250  8456358268_410fc24c62_z  mcdonalds-Cinnamon-Melts  trail-mix-nancy-mueller  foodshub  20120214-birthday-cake-oreos-package  parfait  mixandgo

Not pretty and a clear sign that food can be an addiction

One Month Results:

Today is the one-month check in since all of that and I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten most of the weight off. I am four pounds away from where I’m supposed to be, my ultimate goal weight that I’ve been working on maintaining for over a year now. With two or three more vacations in the next month, I will need to stay vigilant to get the final four pounds off.

The results from today also included an update on body measurements. My hips and waist size had grown at least a few inches in June but now both are only about .5″ up so my clothes all fit now. My pants will happily go over my hips AND button with some space! Pretty much all the body measurements are half an inch or one inch up from where they are supposed to be, but that’s a vast improvement from where they were in June.


The Problem/Concerns:

Two weeks of very bad damage was almost reversed in one month. Maybe two will be what it really takes. Two months for two weeks? So not worth it. That’s practically my whole summer. What a stark difference from last summer! Last summer I was still working on weight maintenance and was actually losing weight unintentionally.

I know this is a problem. I am working toward not having something like this happen ever again. It’s ok to go all-out every once and a while, like on a fun weekend of part of a vacation or something, but that is the difference between indulging and binging. I can’t tell you why I couldn’t just stop myself. All I know is that I was like a shark in a frenzy.



My goals for the next month include continuing eating healthy and exercising, as well as being reasonable on vacations – Enjoying myself while not going overboard with eating on either of the extremes. There were no binges last month. I don’t want any this month so that is probably my bigger goal. I think that should be a goal for future months, too. Indulgences are great and sometimes necessary to keep from feeling deprived. Binges are like a chemical dependency in the brain that causes you to temporarily lose your mind, therefore eating tons of junk without truly enjoying it.


genext13 says:

The only thing to do is move on. Looks like you are heading in the right direction!

Exactly. I’m excited to almost be back at my goal weight. The next step is staying within that range!

genext13 says:

It is not the weight that is the goal, it is the change in behavior. Once you do that and maintain the behavior pattern, you can achieve any weight goal you set.

I know you will reach your goals. You and I are a lot alike with the binging. We must be accountable and responsible. All my best wishes for you girl!

Thank you! So far things are going in the right direction so I’m feeling positive!

That is awesome!

You are one step closer to success by trying to identify the triggers and the “why” behind your binge. Knowledge is power and we can change things when we figure out why.
I’m proud of you!! Way to recover and move forward!!

On a totally unrelated note – birthday cake oreos?? I’m sorry but those look delicious. Terrible, but delicious!

So true about the triggers. I can’t believe I didn’t identify them during the binge. Well, even if I had I probably could not have stopped myself at that point. And yes, bday cake Oreos. They are pretty good but I like cake batter ice cream way better.

fitin52 says:

Yay Leanne! You’ve been doing awesome and I know you can make it all the way 🙂

I’m getting there. One day at a time!

Good for you for getting it under control before it got out of hand! Don’t be embarrassed to share…many of us deal with the same things. It’s good to know others struggle, and still come out on top. We can all do it if we’re honest with ourselves. Proud of you girl!

I wish I had blogged about it at some point during the binge. I was too ashamed I guess and didn’t want to own up to anything. I’m glad I have so much support here because it is a big encouragement for me!

One. I’m emailing you after I write this, because we’re bffs 🙂

You are doing amazing. You are 4 (fucking pounds from your goal weight!) and that’s awesome. Whether you’ve been maintaining 1 month or 24. Maintaining is HARD. Probably harder than losing (from what the INTERNET SAYS).

I am 20 lbs from my goal weight. So you’re way ahead of me! Recognizing and making changes is probably the biggest step to being healthy for life. Every can’t be perfect. If you’re perfect, please sell that product!

Awww thank you!!! 🙂 that makes me feel great. I’ve always been too hard on myself as kind of a perfectionist so letting go of that is tough. I do think maintenance is harder in different ways than losing weight, but both are ass kickers!

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