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{July 26, 2013}   Smash Book

I’ll start with the part where I don’t scrapbook. I’ve tried and I suck at it. It would be easy to say it’s because I lack creativity – I’m way too structured. That may or may not be true, but the biggest factor is having too much to choose from. There’s just so much! It’s everywhere! There are scrapbooking stores and it’s scary. Any friends I’ve ever had who do this own so many supplies that they need a room to accommodate, or at least a very large corner.


This is just a random one found online, but you get the idea. Or maybe you have something like this?

It’s very grand. I think I’d love something like this just for fun but I know I’d go broke and who knows what I’d actually do with any of the scrapbooks.

Anyway, to make a long story longer, the problem is that I become so overwhelmed with it all – Combine “too many choices” with “no idea what I’m doing” and you get blah.

This brings me to yesterday. I was reading Christina’s blog about staying motivated and how she was going to keep a creative, motivating health journal. She really inspired me! I got out all my old magazines to cut up and went to Target to pick up a few things. I had read about Smash Books a month or two ago and picked up a kit. Along with the camping supplies for this weekend, my hand cart was so heavy and I did a lot of walking there. Does that count as my exercise for the day?


Yes, I am aware that I have too many subscriptions.

After opening the box I spread everything out and suddenly wasn’t using the magazines at all. There was just enough stuff that I didn’t get overwhelmed and I had a blast putting things together.


No scrapbooking room necessary. But it would be so easy to go buy more supplies…

I ran around the house looking for items to “smash” into the Smash Book!


It’s an ongoing project. This one is mostly health related for continued motivation. Topics like body image, nutrition, working out, self-love, and accomplishments.

Tonight? We’re going camping and taking the dog for the first time. Cross your fingers.

Have a fun weekend!


I’d never heard of Smash books until today. It looks like fun. I’ve tried keeping journals before and have often thought of putting them all together into one book. I hope you share some of your pages down the road. I went to the website and was amazed at what you could buy but I’m sure one could use whatever they had around the house to create an interesting book.

It’s so much fun I went out and bought another book so I can add stuff about vacations and other fun times. I posted a page on my blog today.

losing50laps says:

Interesting, I haven’t heard of smash books. I am not a crafty person and accept the fact I cannot scrape book. I will stick with labeling all my closets and bins. OCD can be a hobby, right?

I wish I had that problem. I’m somewhat organized but not as much at home as at work!

🙂 I started a craft project a year ago…it’s still sitting in my best friend’s craft room. You should describe this book more? I need more subscriptions 🙂 not really…I have Women’s Healthy and I ONLY read it on the treadmill and my treadmill isn’t the best for reading (book place is too far away). Good luck with your book!

I bought another Smash book today! This one is just for fu experiences and not about health. I posted a page to show our camping trip we took this weekend. I saved some brochures and things from the trip and pasted them in. It really keeps things simple.

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