Leanne Nalani

{July 28, 2013}   Camping on the Peninsula

Over the weekend we took a trip to the Washington Peninsula to a campground between Forks and La Push. If you’ve read the Twilight series you’ll recognize those names. Our campground was in “werewolf” territory. :p No, we weren’t there for that reason. My sister and her boyfriend traveled to that area and it was so beautiful that a group of us went camping together there.


This was in between our two campsites.


7 people and 6 dogs… This was Loki’s first camping trip and he did very well. We spent a lot of time enjoying ourselves around the fire, cooking up food, drinking, and smoking cigars. I’ve never smoked anything in my life, but I bought a cigar on the way up called a Juicy Lucy and it was pretty good! Not something I’d do regularly, but not so bad because you don’t inhale it and it just tastes sweet.


Rainier Beer.


On Saturday we went down to the beach, which was gorgeous. I got over 16,000 steps that day.


Beautiful rocky beach, but I love those huge cliffs with the trees the most.



I thought about taking Loki up on that log, but quickly reconsidered.


Mike and I went in search of gas. We went to La Push and found the area to be desolate and I thought it was a little sad-looking. The scenery was amazing, though. No familiar gas stations, so we went the opposite direction to Forks. They have turned these areas into little tourist places, which is just silly. Seriously, across from this store were several buses lined up that did “Twilight (and Sasquatch) Tours”. The next question is, how long are they going to stay in business?


Native to Twilight. haha


Later we went to a River and spent the better part of the afternoon there. Malia found daisies and distributed them to everyone, so Mike creatively chose to feed his some beer.


I believe his quote was, “We’ve sentences the flower to death; Shouldn’t it go out drunk as hell?”


Throughout this trip I was very good on the health-front. We brought some leftover calzone cupcakes and other things we usually eat at home. Saturday night I roasted some marshmallows, but one of our friends saw something on Pinterest about roasting Starburst!


Apparently you can roast just about anything.

How can anyone resist? She had a bag of Starburst Favereds. Has anyone heard of these? It’s genious! No one likes the other colors, anyway, so the whole bag is Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, and Fruit Punch. I had a hard time stopping myself.



When we got home today I bought another Smash Book just for “good times”. I made a page about our trip. I wish I could find one of those cigar rings to smash in there, but those got thrown away.



Beautiful beach pictures. Thanks for sharing your Smash Book page.

losing50laps says:

Totally laughed out loud at the flower.

That’s my husband for ya. He is quite hilarious. Sometimes I think he could be a stand up comedian.

losing50laps says:

He is pretty funny!

WA ha ha! I love the Olympic Peninsula. I worked at Kalaloch Lodge (35 miles south of Forks) for a summer during college and loved it! It (I think) is the only lodging directly on the beach in the National Park. We had bonfires EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It was a blast (this was BEFORE Twilight). I actually read Twilight because I spent so much time there. Love your pictures! B is a cigar smoker so he’ll smoke a cigar and I’ll taste his from time to time. P.S. Starbursts look great! I HATE the yellow ones!

Oh that’s cool that you worked nearby! I’ve been out that way a few times, but mostly on the WA coast I visit Ocean Shores. The drive over to La Push/Forks area is beautiful but a pain in the ass. We drove down and around to get there but took the ferry on the way back, which was a loooong wait.

That looks absolutely beautiful. And yes, unfortunately I have to confess to having read the Twilight books 😉

I don’t know how long those business will stay in business, but the Lord of the Rings was about a decade ago, and there are still plenty of businesses here in NZ making money from Lord of the Rings tours, although business has dropped off quite a bit. Or it *did* until the Hobbit came out. So who knows?

The Lord of the Rings series is far more epic, so I can see why they’d stay in business for longer. I liked the Twilight series, both the books and the movies. I wasn’t a HUGE fan but it was engaging. I hated the actors they chose for Edward and Bella, though. Can’t stand either of them.

Michelle Chastain says:

Looks like fun! I’ve stayed at Mora before and I just love that area of the state. Magical!

I have to admit I am jealous, sunny days at the coast are so rare, you group was lucky!

Hopefully ill be able to join for a trip next year. Remember the chocolate chips in the marshmallows last year oh and the halibut, that was soooooo good.

We missed last year’s Rainfest! Chocolate chips sounds like a great way to do s’mores. The weather was really great on the peninsula for sure. 😀

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