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{August 10, 2013}   Color Me Rad 5K – Seattle! (and Reducing Sugar)

Today was the Color Me Rad 5K for Seattle. I met up with some friends on the way up to Redmond and we had to get there early. There were a ton of people!


It was a lot of fun! We walked the whole thing which I’m glad for because I did not feel well equipped to run in my jeans and lack of running experience. Here’s our before and after photos:





When I got home I had a raging headache and was STARVING. That’s what happens when you eat a 200 calorie breakfast and miss your morning coffee. Eating was heaven.

And here is my tribute to today’s activity in Smash Book form:



I’m also trying to find ways to reduce sugar. By getting rid of Chobani yogurts and having one serving of the plain kind with chopped fruit, I’m reducing the sugar by probably about 40 grams. Then again, eating more fruit means more sugar. They’re not added sugars, though. I read an article saying that the worst thing is added sugars and that sugars from fruit is not considered as bad. My take-away is that it’s ok to eat fruit, but that doesn’t mean you can eat it all day long and think the sugar doesn’t count at all. Everything in moderation, right?


genext13 says:

Eliminating Chobani is a good idea anyway. I understand they are using GMOs and have not been telling anyone.

Huh I had no idea. I’ve been eating plain nonfat Chobani for the past few days but I find it pretty watery and gross. Fage is much better.

genext13 says:

I have not eaten yogurt since I went vegan but I like Fage and Kroger.

I’ve always wanted to do a Color Run – next year for sure!
I’ve had the same thought about fruit, I think I eat too much. I do know that the sugar in fruit is easier for the body to process because it is natural, not processed or artificial. But I think that cutting down a bit may help me get past my plateau.

That may be true. I don’t know a ton about getting past plateaus besides shaking things up. Good luck! I’ve also been looking into which fruits are lower in sugar. High sugar fruits include things like plums, pineapple, cherries, etc. Apparently apples and raspberries are among some lower sugar options.

fitin52 says:

You and your friends all look so cute!!! So glad you did it and had fun!

fitin52 says:

Oh! And the sugar thing… Yes, sugar in fruit counts, but I think it’s all about doing better than before, not about being perfect. For example if my “before” is eat a bowl of ice cream every night, and my “now” is eat a bowl of fruit every night, then I’m doing better and I’ve got to go ahead and be proud of that (not that I’m consistent at that yet, but…). I don’t know how anyone stays under 34 grams of sugar. Everything – EVERYTHING – has sugar in it, even if just a bit. My goal is to stick to natural sugars as much as possible, with as little added sugars as I can. With occasional days that include a brownie or cupcake or something πŸ˜‰

Good point. I am doing better I think but cutting the sugar is hard. Like you said, it’s in everything! I’m lucky if I can get 85 grams or less even now with reducing. MFP gives me 30 grams and that is just impossible unless I never eat anything sweet ever again.

fitin52 says:

Seriously. If all we ate was broccoli and chicken we would be okay πŸ˜‰

Thanks, we had a great time! I enjoyed getting color thrown at me, except when the liquid color sprayer aimed for my mouth. Ew.

Neeta says:

My opinion on fruit/sugar is that fruit has so much other good stuff for you in the form of vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants that it is worth any “extra” sugar you are getting. I am pretty sure that I have never heard of anyone getting fat/overweight because they ate too much fruit! (Ice cream however, is another story. ;-))

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