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{August 29, 2013}   Vera Wang Shoes & Hobo Spiders

Health, Weight, etc.

It’s been probably a week or maybe less since I stepped on the scale and my weight is exactly the same. I knew on starting 30 Day Shred that I should expect to not lose many pounds (if any) but that the results should show in inches. It’s only Day 6, though, so I’m not going to worry too much about any of that until at least halfway through. I’m happy with what I see in the mirror and that’s what counts.

I probably already mentioned this, but with the super high activity racquetball days I end up extremely hungry and have to eat a lot more than usual. Last night was no different. When we got home I ate dinner. An hour later the hunger hit again so next came “dinner #2”. Then at 9pm my husband convinced me to eat some lean chicken (“dinner #3”). I wanted my nightly 1/2 cup of ice cream but knew my body was going to need to feel satiated before sleeping. Lean boneless skinless chicken breast is so boring! When I make it it never turns out very good, either. How did my husband sell me on bland chicken over sweet, creamy ice cream? He offered to cook it for me himself. Awwwww. He’s a better cook and said he’d use surprise spices. Turned out very juicy and yummy.

I didn’t wake up hungry but somehow managed to get up multiple times anyway. One of those times I was in the bathroom and saw a movement in the corner of my eye. It was a HUGE spider. What a lovely adrenaline rush at 3am! We stared at each other for about 5 minutes before I could find something to smash it with. It looked like this (I’m all itchy after looking for the right picture on Google).

hobo-spiderProbably a hobo spider. I swear it was the size of my palm, but that’s the adrenaline speaking.


Last week I went shopping at Kohl’s and received $30 Kohl’s cash that didn’t activate until today. On top of that, I got a 20% off coupon over e-mail this morning. They let you take off the 20% before using the free $30. How awesome is that?

photo 3I was eyeing these Vera Wang shoes last week.

photo 4I like them because they’re different. Kinda funky and the rosy/wine color is very vibrant.

photo 1Saw these and couldn’t help myself. Emerald green? Heck yeah!

photo 2

Those rose/wine-colored Vera Wang shoes were my goal today since I saw them last week and still coveted them. I found my size but the left shoe had some weird discoloring on them – No good. I found another box of the same size but there was only ONE shoe in the box! And it wasn’t the left one. Grr… By now you know I’m a little bit Type A/Neurotic so you bet I walked around the aisles looking for that missing shoe. I found it tucked away on a shelf a few aisles away, near a different shoe of the same color. I can find just about anything.

Frikin hobos! Icky!!

j! ayson says:

Love the emerald green shoes. The vera wangs are so funky! I wish I could pull off shoes like that

I came across a black widow spider last week at the cottage. I’ve been thinking about posting the photos. Who knew we had them this far north but apparently we do. Scary!

Yuuuuuck! You took pictures? You should post them! Glad you didn’t get too close.

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