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{September 2, 2013}   Maintenance & The Hula Chair (for Sh*%s & Giggles)


Since 8/16 my weight has been exactly the same and hasn’t moved in the slightest, which means I’m successfully maintaining! The problem? FitBit & MFP have been telling me that I should have lost 1-2lbs/week this whole time. Hmm… Reassessing my personal wants and needs, I decided to set both apps to maintenance. They of course want me to eat at least a few hundred extra calories a day, so will I gain weight? My guess is probably not. Shouldn’t I be fueling my body more with all this 30 Day Shred stuff, anyway? According to FitBit, without any exercise I should be consuming approximately 1400 calories a day to maintain. Not sure yet about how much that will change with exercise. It’s a big experiment so we’ll see if this will cause a gain or actually help maintain. Scary!


Body Revolution???

I just heard about this Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution thing. It’s supposed to be another Jillian Michael’s program but instead of 30 days it’s 90! Sounds like a huge commitment but it would give me a focus. Doing 30DS has kept me on the straight and narrow with eating healthfully 80-90% of the time. Still haven’t had a binge episode since mid-June. It seems that following a program for the sake of seeing physical results is proving to be extremely effective for conquering some of my issues around food. I took a “before” picture and am so focused on achieving a good “after”.

Anyway, back to this Body Revolution thing.


Thoughts? Opinions?

I have read that it starts off pretty easy but gets progressively harder. It might be geared more toward those who want to lose weight. The real question is: Does it work for those who want to focus more on looking toned/sculpted?

Ripped in 30 vs. 30 Day Shred

Oh, the other thing. 30 Day Shred vs. Ripped in 30. I own both but this is the first time attempting to actually follow a program. After 30DS I’m thinking of going straight into Ripped in 30. Just wondering if one is better than the other, or if one yields better results.

clone-jillian-michaels-30-day-shred-dvd-macBoth are supposed to be excellent.

Have you heard anything (or tried) Body Revolution?

Ever try 30 Day Shred and/or Ripped in 30? Which one is better?

Just for Fun

Finally, for your entertainment, Fitness Guinea Pig presents The Hula Chair:

This guy is too funny.

There are actually 5 mini videos, but Day 3 is my favorite.


I want one of those chairs!!! That would be so hilarious at parties!!!

In episode 5 he decided to keep it. But because it was so “hideous” he actually reupholstered it! lol

What’s even more hilarious? You’d be paying over $200 for one. lol But I can totally see Kathy rockin’ it at one of those parties.

In one episode of the Jillian Michaels show – she tells everyone that her new DVD’s a better than the old ones. So I don’t know which one is newer, but I say anything over about 5 years old probably isn’t entirely worth following. It won’t be useless but the style will be different.

What type of exercises does body revolution have? If there is a lot of bodyweight exercises like push ups, sit ups, squats etc then you will still tone up.

Also, you need to eat more to tone up. And you may gain weight (1-3kg ish above maintenance) but it will likely be muscle rather than entirely fat, which means your CM go down but the scale increases. Have you seen those photos all over the net where the person is lighter in the first photo but looks fatter?

Having the FitBit and My Fitness Pal can be a little misleading. I have it hooked up to iSmoothrun too…and it really offsets my calorie intake. However, I do like having so many tools to keep me in line…..the problem is….I didn’t realize my FitBit battery died for SEVERAL DAYS. Whoops!

Anonymous says:

Looks like you’re doing great. My new hero!

Anonymous says:

I’ve heard of the body revolution but have not seen it or experienced it. It sounds interesting, but I don’t know if I could do something straight for 90 days. It might be a good challenge, as you state. I’m going to look into it.

Thanks for the laugh!! That chair is hysterical!

At this point I’m interested in trying some new programs that can help give me overall increased muscle tone. I’m not sure if Body Revolution is good for that or not – I think it’s meant for people who want to lose weight mainly. It’s hard to know for sure because these programs are always being sold to a weight loss audience because it makes more money that way. Glad you liked the Hula Chair!

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