Leanne Nalani

{September 3, 2013}   Cornbread Waffles

Today is the day before school starts! As a required half-day of work, I woke myself up at 6am to get used to the daily schedule. It left a lot of time to put on the final touches of lesson planning and room setup. I also got to meet some of the new freshman as they explored our campus, although none of them are likely to be in my class. One thing that is nice about working at a small school of 400 students is that you get to know everyone regardless of who you teach or don’t teach.

photo2Bright-eyed & bushy-tailed at 6:30am. I even braided my hair!

Nothing much to report. On Pinterest there was a really cool pin that said you can make cornbread in a waffle iron. Did you know this? It’s genius! Apparently you can do the same thing with cake mix. How cool is that?

We always have cornbread mix in the pantry. It’s the Marie Calendar mix-with-water kind and it was so easy to waffle-ize. I threw some chili/mexicorn yumminess on top.

photoI swear it tastes better than it looks. :p

Today is more 30DS, then racquetball, then a roofer guy is coming to talk about a new roof for the house. Time for a replacement since it’s about 20 years old.


BRILLIANT idea. . . I love it. Cornbread waffles. PS adorable pic! 🙂

cathyo says:

I would never think of making anything other than waffles in a waffle maker. I’m gonna have to try this out!

Cornbread waffles are a great idea!!

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