Leanne Nalani

{September 8, 2013}   I Say “Pluot”, You Say… “What?”

Hybrid Freaky Fruits

What is this thing???


It’s not a plum. It’s not an apricot. Nope, it’s a pluot! Yesterday I was perusing the fruit section of the grocery store and saw these hybrid freaks next to the plums and thought, “Why not?”

They were tasty indeed. They’re not too juicy the way plums are so it wasn’t as messy but the flavor was still there. The next question is, are these weird fruits supposed to be as healthy as non-hybrids? You have to admit that they seem so unnatural.

Online Shopping

My pretty new Wilson Hope racket and protective glasses came today! They replaced the 1980’s Voit racket and irritating glasses I’ve been using for the last 2 weeks.

racket oldOut with the old. See how the top is peeling off? I almost ripped my hair out the other day.

photoIn with the new. Yay pink! In support of breast cancer research. BTW standard rackets have GROWN since the 1980’s as you can clearly see!

I ordered some stuff from Ulta and they offered to send a free bag. This is the picture from the website:


I thought it was a make-up bag. Oh so cute, right?

So I open the box.

This is what showed up:

bagIt’s a pink monstrosity!

Holy cow this thing has wheels and a pull-out handle just like a suit case. I didn’t know what to do with it so I packed our racquetball gear inside.

Prior to a long session of running around and working up a sweat, this is one of my latest go-to energy snacks:

sandwichToasted Dave’s Killer Bread, natural machine-crushed organic PB, & a baby banana. So gooooooood!


The bag was free? Wow! Nice!

I know! The thing was huge. The deal is at Ulta for ordering a fragrance online. Had I known they were sending me a luggage bag I’d have ordered the black one. Oh well, I still love pink.

Free good…but looks nothing like the picture! I love Dave’s. So does Monster!

Yay for Dave’s! I’m gonna try a new flavor this weekend when I buy more bread. That bag makes for an ok racquetball bag, at least!

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