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{September 10, 2013}   Camp & Bday Celebrating

Today was the big day(s) – Camp and my husband’s birthday!

Tuesday Part 1

Taking 100 freshmen to camp for a day is quite the feat. We did this two years ago and it was a somewhat enjoyable experience. This year was far better in my opinion. We had SO MUCH FUN!

photo1Yay cabins!

At 7:15am we loaded the buses and shipped on over to the mountains where this camp resides. Thank god for carpool lanes with the crazy rush hour traffic we have here. It still took us an hour to get there. Our students were grouped in sets of about 20 based on their advisories and we had a few sophomores join us just for fun. There were all kinds of fun team building activities throughout the day that involved a lot of communicating and a good deal of physical activity.

One silly game we played is when we had to choose a random partner, learn each other’s birthday, and then sing Happy Birthday to each other at the same time. The student I chose is Phuoc (pronounced “Fook”), and incidentally TODAY was his birthday! I told him it is also my husband’s birthday. Then I told him my birthday is May 19th and he told me that’s his sister’s birthday. So several times throughout the day we were told to find our “birthday” partner, and every time the two of us were jumping up and down singing Happy Birthday as fast as we could, and every time we’d tack on, “And to my/your husband! And to my/your sister!” It was super goofy but it was great to get to know the kids in different ways besides just being students in school. I learned that one of them is quite the strategist when it came to solving problems in some of the games. I found out that another doesn’t like tacos as he chose not to each lunch. I gave him one of the camp-provided breakfast bars since he said he’d eat one of those and they gave me the leftovers.

photo4“Breakfast Bars”

For breakfast they got one of these “breakfast bars” and an apple. These are baked fresh at the camp and the kids LOVE them.  Hmmm I wonder why! I dunno about you, but I ate one of these and not only do they look like cookies, they taste like cookies. Granted they taste scrumptious and I’m not judging or anything, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Moving on.

One of the “stations” we visited involved listening to a group of our seniors talk to the freshmen about how to succeed in high school. Part of the purpose was for them to talk about what they wish they’d done better when they were 9th graders and what they did that made them fall behind. It was a valuable presentation, though not many students wanted to ask questions so I ended up supplying the seniors with some questions to answer, but overall the seniors had everything covered pretty well. It was obvious they did a nice job planning ahead.

At lunch the camp leaders presented a funny little ditty about being a successful 9th grader. They took one of our teachers and dressed him up:


It was one of the cheesiest things ever, but everyone was entertained.

In the end the camp leaders explained the word “grit” and gave each of the advisory teachers a bottle of it that students can visually see in our classrooms to remind them about perseverance and other grit-related things.

photo3It’s that bottle on the left. 

Tuesday Part 2

It was a great day at school and exhausting! But the show must go on, so I came home and ate some food before going out for a birthday racquetball game with DH. I had almost 8,000 steps just from going to camp. At the end of the day I have over 13,000 steps. I am trying new game strategies with learning how to play. At one point I got really discouraged and had to take a forced break to chill out and get my head out of that nasty place. Taking a breather worked very well and I continued the rest of the hour in positive spirits.

After that we headed out to the best Thai restaurant ever called Noodle Boat to celebrate DH’s birthday. It’s worth the long trip! 4 stars made our mouths burn so good and the quality of the food is just divine. Their 4-star is the same as a typical  5-star at any other restaurant when it comes to spice. Apparently the peppers they use are grown, gathered, and imported by their family in Thailand.

Now we’re nursing our food comas. 😀 I’d like to leave you with some entertainment:


Scary Mrs. Doubtfire. LOL Crazy the things they can do!

I know! I think it’s pretty funny, but it’s crazy to think that people spend all that time creating those video clips just for fun.

Those bars look AWESOME!

They were! And still are cuz I have them in our pantry now. hehe

Kari says:

As I was scrolling down and glanced at the caption of the first pic, I read “Yay cannabis!” and then I saw what looked to be suspicious cookies..haha! where is my head lately! Did a double take there..lol
It sounds like you had an awesome time out there with the kids..those bars or cookies sure look good. Wouldn’t mind having some of those around here.

LOL If those cookies had marijuana in them, that camp would be in a lot of trouble! It was bad enough that they put M&M’s in them because those come in contact with peanuts. Luckily none of our students had peanut allergies!

Kari says:

lol I would think more kids would want to sign up for camp if indeed that were the case!

I did notice the M&Ms..absolutely scrumptious. But good thing that no one had an allergy to them.

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