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{September 17, 2013}   Barilla Plus & Emergen-C Reviews, Etc.

This is the 2nd full week of school and I’m starting to feel that typical teaching exhaustion weighing me down. I’m still feeling very positive despite some challenges, though! There is this one student who cannot control his impulsive disruptive behaviors in classes. Since I’m his special education case manager, all the teachers turn to me to fix the problem. My class is the only place where he’s been able to focus and learn, and when I sit one-on-one with him in his math class it yields similar results. Unfortunately I can’t follow him around to all 6 classes a day, so it’s time to do some more problem solving (I say “more” because we had similar issues last year and have tried a lot of interventions).

So! On to other topics. Joan from Fit Journey 50 recommended a whole grain pasta to me, Barilla Plus. It’s been 3-4 years since I’ve eaten whole grain pasta – I stopped because the stuff I used to eat was too grainy and I kind of hated it. But it was “healthy”. Blah. Fortunately I love Barilla Plus! This is going to be the new go-to pasta. It has a bit of a different flavor than regular white pasta, but it’s actually pretty tasty and it doesn’t have that nasty grainy texture. Thanks, Joan!


I also wanted to talk about Emergen-C a little bit. See, I’m a big skeptic when it comes to all this “cold” and “immune system” mumbo jumbo over the counter drugs crap. I usually think it’s just a ploy to make money. Sadly, I also happen to have the world’s crappiest immune system. Due to this, I am allowing myself to loosen up a little and be… Let’s call it superstitious. I started taking Emergen-C Immune + every day in the spring after catching my FIFTH cold of the school year. For me, every cold becomes so severe I can’t function. Maybe it’s really the flu, I don’t know. Anyway, at some point I stopped taking it because it didn’t seem healthy to live off the stuff. The next time I got a cold (for what, the 6th time?) I started taking Emergen-C again in the mornings and the cold never became a problem. It went away in like a week. That has never happened to me in my entire life, so the superstition is sticking. I’ve been taking Emergen-C every morning since school started. Last year I got sick within the first 2 weeks of school. So far I’m free and clear. The only problem is that I’m afraid to stop taking it!


Yesterday was Day 21 of 30 Day Shred. It’s been good! Plyometrics are still difficult, especially after a hard day’s work, but I’m dealing with it.

We played racquetball today and I got a score of 8 out of 10! That’s pretty amazing for me. FYI I’m terrible at the game, but that’s because I’m still a beginner and learning a lot. It’s probably been about 3 weeks since we started. DH has been incredibly patient with me and coaching me on basic techniques. The only thing that is getting on my nerves is the league guys – There is this racquetball league that books all the courts all the time now. Must be game season, but it sucks because I feel like I’m not supposed to be there because I’m not a “real” player. They sit and can watch me suck which makes me extremely self-conscious. The LA Fitness down the road is supposed to be cheaper, so we might look into that and maybe they will have more courts available.


Fit Journey 50 says:

Glad you like the Barilla Plus! 🙂

I’ll have to try that pasta when I decide to reintroduce it a bit.
I’ve heard things about immune boosters that suggest you can take them for 2 weeks, then go off for 2 weeks, then back on for 2 weeks. That might be worth a shot?

I might try something on those lines for Emergen-C. After this week I’ll stop for a bit and see how it goes.

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