Leanne Nalani

{September 28, 2013}   Monsoon Weekend


It felt soooooo good to wake up this morning. I got 10 hours of sleep! That last time that happened was who knows when. My average is about 7 1/2 hours lately. Oh, it’s great being a 30-something.

We’re having a mini monsoon over here in the Pacific Northwest. The wind is howling and it’s freaking out the dog.


You can’t really tell, but there’s a ton of rain being blown at the windows.

This is a great weekend to stay inside and relax! I’ve been watching a lot of Cake Boss: Next Great Baker on Netflix. It was even more exciting when my husband said they added 2 more seasons of Cake Boss because that show is awesome.


Today was a weekly weigh in check and I am down in both weight and body fat from last week. The weight part doesn’t matter so much except that I was expecting a gain after Sunday’s terrible eating. Body fat is down at least 1%.

Although scales typically are no good at accuracy when reporting body fat, I pay attention to the differences in percentage over time. In June and August I was around 17%. Between the end of August and mid-September it stuck to around 15%. Today it said 13.4%, though it would not be surprising if it fluctuates up a percentage since that has a tendency to happen. 30 Day Shred is definitely contributing to less fat and hopefully more muscle.


I have a FitBit Aria scale, which syncs with FitBit along with my FitBit One pedometer


Who doesn’t love Pinterest? It’s officially fall and that means pumpkin-flavored things! I found this Pumpkin Granola recipe and decided to modify it for my personal needs – Less sugar specifically. I also made a lot less in quantity. My modifications included omitting the brown sugar, applesauce, and maple syrup. Pretty huge modification, right? Instead I used Stevia to replace the brown sugar. It still turned out very well. The original recipe is probably amazing in comparison, but this is still really yummy! Bonus – The house smells like pumpkin pie.

photo1Prior to adding dried cranberries & pumpkin seeds

photo3The final product, separated into cups for mid-morning snacks at work.

Working Out

Today I followed through on Zumba and 30 Day Shred. This morning I did Zumba with the intention to only do the song I felt like doing on the Zumba (Exhilarate) Concert DVD. Turns out I was in the mood for 40 of the 60 minutes, which was more than expected. Yay!

30 Day Shred went really well. I wonder why… Could it be that I got 10 hours of sleep and didn’t have to work today?

Finally, here is a quote that reminded me of days when we sometimes go a little overboard:



cathyo says:

Love the quote. Sometimes we forget that there’s no sense torturing ourselves over one bad meal. The key is to keep the slip ups to a minimum.
I have no idea what my body far percentage is hut I think I’m losing dat and gaining muscle on this challenge and with CrossFit. Lots of people at my CrossFit have done the bod pod. It gives a very accurate measure is total body composition. I’m curious as to what mine would be but I’m too cheap to pay for it! One day I will go with my sister to GoodLife and use their machine and see what it says.

Mine was more of a bad full day of eating, but the sentiment is the same for sure. I thought I’d totally messed up my week, but in the end that’s just not true. 🙂
CrossFit is supposed to get amazing results from what I hear. I’ve heard of the Bod Pod and would like to try it but hate that it costs money AND you have to schedule it. Would be nice just to go in someplace and try it out at any old time.

I can’t even imagine what 10 hours of sleep would feel like! That quote is so true and something we need to remind ourselves of more often.

I know! I’m such a defeatist sometimes. After a bad day or bad meal or whatever, I sometimes guilt myself with negative self-talk. Now that I’ve proven to myself that it’s ok to have one of those days (or two, even), it’s time to stop thinking of it as a bad thing. This is how we keep ourselves satisfied and happy, by not depriving ourselves!

That is a great quote! Staying positive works wonders!

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