Leanne Nalani

{October 8, 2013}   Where To from Here?


This photo resonates with me. There is a terrible place the scale sometimes takes my mind and this picture… Keeps my feet on the ground. Get it? šŸ˜›

30 Day Shred is over. Now what?

I need to create some goals. Doing another program of a specific length doesn’t sound like fun right now, but it’s important to maintain a healthy amount of muscle mass. Cardio is racquetball 3 days a week, so two or three times a week it would make sense to throw in some strength training DVD’s.

IMG_1848These are all the ones I own.

Can you tell I like Jillian Michaels? No More Trouble Zones and Bob’s Pure Burn Super Strength are excellent but lengthy. Jackie Warner’s DVD is effective and about 35-40 minutes. Ripped in 30 might also be good to try because it’s probably similar to 30DS. That Biggest Loser Power Sculpt is not challenging enough for me, if I remember correctly.

Figuring out what to do and when might be the biggest obstacle. It’s hard to commit to something when you have all those choices.

Monday was racquetball. Today is open house until 8pm, so I’m taking a rest day.

*Have you done any of these DVD’s?

*What should I do on Wednesday?

I haven’t done any of these, but definitely need to get better about strength training so I’ll look forward to seeing which ones you like.

I’m also looking forward to doing those other DVD’s. I’ve done them all before but it’s been a while, so I only remember the two or three that I’m not so fond of… But I’ll give them another shot anyway because trying them once or twice probably isn’t enough to make a fair assessment. šŸ™‚

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