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{October 9, 2013}   Ripped in 30

Ripped in 30, Level 1

“Transformation is not a future event; It is a present activity.” – Jillian Michaels


I heard her say this today when trying Ripped in 30 for the first time in years. It’s so true, isn’t it? You can’t simply transform your muscles and then be done. There is no end.

Today was a later than usual workout and I was already tired, so it made a lot of sense to start with Level 1. It’s basically the same as 30 Day Shred only in a different setting, with different girls, and mixing up the moves. This version of “Level 1” felts slightly more difficult than the 30DS Level 1. My arms and legs feel like Jell-O.

Fit Fashionista

Has anyone been to the Ellie.com website? I joined a while back because their workout clothes look great. Unfortunately the pricing is steep. I read excellent reviews of their clothing quality and they have this club called Fit Fashionista, where you can pay $50 a month for any two pieces you want on the whole website. You can call them to skip a month and you won’t be charged, too. Two excellent-quality pieces of beautiful workout clothes for $50 only on the months I want them? Sounds good!


Open House Fail

Last night’s open house, described in one word: Abysmal.

Usually they’re just bad. This year it takes bad to a whole new level – I’m talking about parents. We see very few. I saw none. Zilch. Nada. Unlike many other teachers, I made phone calls and personally invited parents, who all seemed interested and said they’d come.

Well, that was a terrible waste of time and a 13 hour work day for nothing. All the teachers gathered around at tables in our multi-purpose studio and laid out our displays of student work and course information. Mostly we socialized with each other and went around to everyone else’s tables to see what they were doing in their classes.


That’s my stuff. Just one family would have been nice.

I got a free dinner out of it, at least. There was baked and fried chicken with baked beans. I had two pieces of baked chicken but going back for a third forced me into the fried chicken tin because the remaining baked breasts were the size of my head.

There was a volleyball game playing next door so we opened the connecting door and watched. We won! Despite the low turnout, we had entertainment and kept each other company.

Sick School

Half of the school is sick. Literally half of my colleagues at today’s staff meeting were coughing up a storm. Students are finding it hard to function and for some reason won’t stay home. Teachers won’t get subs. Gross. Somehow I’ve managed to stay healthy. Out of fear I’ve gone back to Emergen-C, especially after a 13 hour work day and lack of sleep last night.


Sorry about the long day 😦 it’s gross how little some parents care about their child’s education! Ugh!

Yeah, we don’t usually get a lot of parents but this time it was so bad. I’m trying not to think that it’s because none of them care, but I personally made those phone calls and they sounded like they’d go. One big thing is that a lot of parents don’t speak English, so I wouldn’t blame those people. Some parents work nights, too. I know kids who don’t see parents in the evenings, but I wouldn’t say it’s the majority. There’s usually someone around who could attend an open house!

Stay away from the grossness!

That’s the problem – I can’t! They won’t let me! lol

Lamar says:

I’m shocked that no parents showed! I’ve been to every event at my sons school and seen plenty of parents.

We often have the opposite problem. We usually get the parents that don’t need to be there and they’re the ones that monopolize all your time. I’ve never experienced having no one show up. How sad is that?

We did have some parents show, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see any families of the kids I teach. Total we probably had like 20 the whole night. Might as well have been nothing, though. Every year I usually see 2 or 3. It really is sad. We advertised but probably not enough. We also didn’t have interpreters and a great deal of our families don’t speak English. But even so, there should have been more parents there. Your situation sounds overwhelming and seems like a bit of a pain in the rear!

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