Leanne Nalani

{October 28, 2013}   Day 1 Back to Reality

You may have noticed my daily FitBit stats lacking any kind of movement over the past week. The average appears to be between 3,000-5,000 steps. Tomorrow’s stat post will be better, I promise!

Today was an awesome Monday, I gotta say. I was bracing myself for a ton of stress. It’s always scary when a higher-up comes to observe you do your job. Today I had two of these people at the same time – My boss did a formal observation, plus my reading program’s trainer/consultant observed me for re-certification. Talk about nerve-wracking!

It all went very well. What a relief! This all took place in the morning. In the afternoon my boss gave me a HUGE compliment that actually came from our literacy coach – Apparently she requested me to attend a certain literacy meeting because she was so impressed with how I confer with students that she wanted me to be an example for the other team members. While I’m flattered, I do know that many of my colleagues use similar techniques. It was still nice to hear a huge compliment like that.

From there I had a 2-hour after school training for my reading program.

After the training, I went straight home to dress down for an hour of racquetball. Wow, what a session! Mike and I were going head to head the whole hour with all our energy and super high intensity. It was extremely refreshing to get out all that energy and have a ton of fun doing it.

So yeah, tomorrow’s FitBit stats are going to look pretty damn good.

As for everything else, things are back to reality on the health-front. Feeling gross and bloated from the last week of eating nothing but junk food, so I’m drinking a ton of water and eating the right kinds of foods to nourish my body.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot, too. Just finished Allegiant and am on to Ender’s Game. So far it’s a good read.


We saw Gravity in IMAX 3D the other day which was also good! I don’t understand why it is getting so much hype, though. For me it was just good, but not amazing. Of all the space-type movies like that, I think Apollo 13 remains my favorite.


*Have you seen Gravity or read Ender’s Game? What did you think?

*Did you have a happy Monday?


bodhi104 says:

My husband and I saw Gravity the weekend it came out and absolutely loved it. It went automatically in my top 10. I thought it was just incredibly absorbing…I don’t know if I blinked the whole time. Some movies move people in different ways though!

One of my colleagues was just talking last week about how Gravity is in his top 10, too! Yeah, it seems to really have a strong effect on people. I can understand why. It may be that I heard too much hype before I went to see it and was expecting something different.

Yay! Getting compliments rocks! I’ve heard Gravity is really good. My Monday rocked! I’m finally 4G! So happy I finally made it back here!

You’re finally 4G? Like on your phone? It’s good to hear from you! I’ve been missing your posts!

Not surprised you’re doing so well lady! 🙂 I don’t think any of us are 😉

So far these two days back on track are good! It’s hard eating less food, though. Since I know I’ve gained I’m really cutting back and it’s tough!

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